KLM halts all its passengers in Europe and flights become empty

KLM halts all its passengers in Europe and flights become empty

Dozens of KLM flights went empty on Saturday, following the company’s toughest decision in years.

KLM’s Boeing 737 lands in Amsterdam

In recent weeks AEROIN has been following the problems of long lines at European airports, mainly in the UK, but also with reports of readers experiencing the problem in Dublin, Porto and amsterdamThe latter is the most affected in the European bloc.

The line, which lasted for more than four hours, remains chaotic and the reason for this is the shortage of staff. But other factors have also created problems.

“It’s bad, this picture (below) is from the queue on Friday. If your flight doesn’t take off within four hours, you’ll have to wait at Schiphol Plaza (the airport’s main entrance where the bus terminal is located). The queue starts much earlier, they even put up tents to protect the passengers from the sun. The image shows waiting for boarding 1”. Said Pathak Niels, who lives 15 kilometers from the airport and regularly goes to photograph planes.

Boarding 1 provides “only” access to Piers B and C, which are mostly flights operated by Star Alliance airlines such as Lufthansa, Swiss, SAS, LOT, TAP and others. The above is “only” because the operations of these companies are limited, and the bulk is with KLM, which operates Pierce D, E and F in addition to companies outside Europe, which also operates alongside and with the in-house company. Hai G Pear

All this problem prompted KLM to deny boarding on Saturday (04) to all passengers who were at European airports and had Amsterdam as their final destination.

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,Despite additional measures taken before the weekend, KLM was puzzled by urgent circumstances that are beyond our control. Due to weather conditions and the maintenance of the runway, many aircraft were unable to land or take off from Schiphol.“, the airline said in an official statement.

Bad weather KLM means strong winds coming from the North Sea, which is why Amsterdam airport has 7 runways in 4 different directions due to the constantly variable winds.

On Sunday, the situation had already improved slightly and the company announced that 90% of passengers were able to fly or were rescheduled. Flight tracking platform FlightRadar24 released a map showing at least 20 flights to Amsterdam on Saturday, but without any passengers:

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