Korean couple Kala R $ 2.8 miles in damage to what they thought was an ally

Korean couple Kala R $ 2.8 miles in damage to what they thought was an ally

On Friday, it was said that a South Korean couple is being wrongly accused of damaging a work of art. The two were arrested, but not arrested because the gallery where the work is on display decided not to record the incident because they understood the alleged confusion by the couple.

The converted work, which bears no name, is of North American graffiti artist John One and has a dimension of 2.4 to 7 meters. The piece has an estimated value of US $ 500,000 (approximately R $ 2.8 million) and was featured in Seoul in 2016 in front of an audience.

Panels of paint and brushes used by the artist in 2016 are taken along with the panel to different exhibition locations, including the gallery where the work is currently at the Lotte World Mall. The accessories are on the front of the panel and are considered part of the work, which was the only one in place without a frame due to its size, explained ABC News.

According to the team responsible for the exhibition, last Sunday, space security cameras (Look below) They caught a man and a woman – about 20 years old – taking some paint from the compartment that works and began splashing and rubbing the dye on the work of art.

Police analyzed the images and arrested the pair at a shopping mall. Subsequently, Kang Wook, the head of the exhibition, confirmed to the Reuters news agency that he had been released because the gallery had not reported the incident. The exhibition understood the perceived confusion from the duality that the work would be collaborative and visitors could photograph it.

“They [o homem e a mulher] They thought they could do it as participatory art and made a mistake. We are currently discussing with the artist about the possibility of restoring it, ”explained Wook.

After the confusion, the gallery decided to place additional “don’t touch” signs and a wire fence around the piece.

Other visitors were caught taking photographs with the converted art and Wook reported that there was increased interest in coming to the show after the event. Artwork of Jonon Will be shown on site until 13 June.

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