Kovid-19: Ambulance ordered to restrict patient transportation to hospitals in Los Angeles – 01/05/2021

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Memorandums sent by the agency governing emergency services in the county refer to patients in cardiac arrest who do not respond to the first service on site. With the explosion of Kovid cases, health units are at full capacity.

Ambulance workers in Los Angeles County, California have been instructed not to take patients who suffer from heart attacks and have little chance of survival in their hospitals.

According to the memo, the CNN television network, over the age of 18, has been received by adult patients who are referred to as cardiac arrest (or, in English, OHCA)Cardiac arrest out of hospital“? Cardiac arrest outside the hospital”, in free translation) should not be sent to the hospital if they are unable to revive during the on-site procedure.

That is, if there is no return to spontaneous circulation or ROSC in English circulation (“Return of spontaneous circulation“).

A guideline issued by the Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agency, which regulates emergency services in the public and private sectors, is given at a time when many hospitals in the area are already at maximum capacity and expectations Have arrived in the wake of In the cases of Kovid-19 after the holidays again.

New York City issued a similar recommendation in April 2020 for ambulance professionals at the height of the city’s epidemic. They were instructed not to take patients to the hospital who cannot be resuscitated at the place of first care.

Los Angeles County’s Department of Public Health reported 9,142 new cases (4/1) of Kovid and 77 more deaths on Monday. However, the figures still reflect a lack of data due to the holiday season. Health officials said that, due to the crowds celebrated in Christmas and New Year, the amount of deaths from the disease could reach 1,000 per day.

The county, which is the hardest hit in the United States, reported 818,000 cases. Coronavirus And more than 10,700 deaths have occurred since the epidemic.

In the state of California, where the counties are located, hospitals are also at full capacity. To the point that patients should be seen in shops, parking lots and camping tents. Ambulances are queuing for hours outside hospitals as they wait for emergency room staff to pick up patients.

Marianne Gousse-Hill, the medical director of the EMS agency that issued the memorandum, told CBS News that ambulance workers would continue to work to save patients’ lives at the scene.

“We’re not giving up resuscitation,” he said. “We continue to do best revitalization practices, and that means doing it in the field, doing it immediately.”

“What are we asking? And what’s a little different than before? And emphasizing the fact that transporting these patients leads to unsatisfactory results,” he said, referring to the fact that a small number of cases in patients Percent. Heart arrests that cannot be resuscitated at the first place of care survive after receiving care in hospitals.

“We already knew that and we don’t want to beat our hospitals.”

Emergency workers were also instructed to ration oxygen, which is lacking due to the epidemic. Is the recommendation that supplemental oxygen be given only to people with less than 90% saturation? The normal level of saturation is considered above 95%.

The number of patients hospitalized with Kovid-19 in California doubled last month. The Mayor of Los Angeles said Sunday that a new infection occurs every six seconds.

However, critical status is not restricted to the state. In the last few days, the United States has broken records in the number of patients with Kovid-19 in hospitals.

As of Monday (4/01), 2,800 Americans were hospitalized with the disease, the highest daily rate ever. According to the Kovid tracking project, the total number of people infected with new coronoviruses admitted to hospitals is 128,210. More than 23 thousand patients were in intensive care units (ICUs).

The country has already started a vaccination campaign against Kovid-19. However, the slower-than-expected rate of immunization has given rise to criticism. On Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that 15.4 million doses of the vaccine that have been distributed so far to the states, only about 4.5 million have actually been implemented.

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