Kremlin says Putin and Xi Jinping will debate “offensive rhetoric” from US and NATO

Kremlin says Putin and Xi Jinping will debate "offensive rhetoric" from US and NATO

President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the president of china Xi Jinping Debate tensions and “offensive rhetoric” in Europe we And yes North Atlantic Treaty Organization (girdle, During a video call on Wednesday (15), told Kremlin,

The talks come at a time of high tension in the two countries’ relations with the West: China under pressure over human rights issues and Russia mobilizing troops along the border Ukraine,

“The state of international relations, especially on the European continent, is very tense right now, and this requires debate among allies,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, referring to the Russian and Chinese governments. “We see a very, very aggressive rhetoric in favor of girdle And America, and that requires a debate between us and the Chinese.”

a Russia develops a close relationship with China As his relations with the West deteriorate and Putin uses this partnership to balance US influence, while bolstering lucrative deals, especially energy. This year, he and Xi agreed to renew a 20-year friendship and cooperation treaty.

Peskov said they would hold lengthy talks with a broad agenda that would also include energy, trade and investment.

The talks will take place eight days after a video call between Russia and the US in which US President Joe Biden Putin was warned not to invade Ukraine, and the Russian leader replied that Russia needed security guarantees of legal value from the West.

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