Ladro steals and then returns to the Galaxy S10 Plus after realizing that it was not what he wanted

Ladro steals and then returns to the Galaxy S10 Plus after realizing that it was not what he wanted

A crime in India confuses the victim to some extent after the situation unfolds. Debayan Roy described a situation on his Twitter profile which was perhaps one of the most curious moments of his life.

Indians say that he was at the Sector 52 metro station in the Uttar Pradesh city of Noida, when a masked man approached him and took out his cell phone. After the robbery, the criminal escaped from the spot, but Debayan did not leave it cheap and escaped in an attempt to recover his device, the Galaxy S10 Plus.

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So far, this is a very common view, including India, which is a country with a high rate of cellphone theft. However, the incident went out of the way when the thief gave up running and followed him. Roy says that, after fleeing, the thug complained: “Brother, I thought it was a OnePlus 9 Pro model” and, after throwing the phone on the floor, re-fired in the opposite direction to continue the escape.

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There was also no mention of a decrease in demand for the flagship of the new OnePlus, Which broke the order record during its sale. A follower of Debayan Roy wrote that “There is not enough stock of OnePlus 9 available, so …”

However, even more curious is the physical difference between the two models. The two phones are quite different, especially in the rear – while the Galaxy S10 Plus houses its three camera sensors in a centralized horizontal module, the OnePlus adopts a rectangular set on the left side in its flagship phone. It is therefore difficult to know where the culprit looked to justify the theft.

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