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Countries across Europe that have been badly affected by the second wave are grappling with the same decision: completely locked up? Or try to stop the flow of Covid-19 cases with less restrictions?

Here’s what’s happening:

UK: In England, A new one Three-tier covid alert system The emphasis on local sanctions came into effect on Wednesday as the number of cases continued to rise. But the main opposition Labor Party has warned that the government has not gone too far. It called for a two- to three-week “circuit breaker” lockdown in an effort to reduce the country’s R rate, or the number of people infected with the virus.

In Northern Ireland, There will be one Four-week pubs and restaurants close From Friday, with the exception of Takeway and Delivery. Schools will also be closed For two weeks (Usually a half-term break for a week) from Monday. Authorities barred him from calling it a complete lockout.

In number: There were 17,234 new cases on Tuesday and 143 deaths in the UK.

The Netherlands: Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced Tuesday that all restaurants and bars should be closed from Wednesday until 10pm, including outdoor dining.

“All in all, there are a lot of people who don’t follow the rules.”

In number: According to the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, coronavirus infections in the Netherlands increased by 60% in the seven-day period that ended on Monday compared to the previous week.

Italy: Italy, one of the most affected countries in Europe during the first wave of the epidemic, recorded the highest daily increase in coronavirus cases since Tuesday, March 28.

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Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Health Minister Roberto Spranza have announced further sanctions to curb the spread of the virus, including a Ban on private parties, School travel suspension In public places and in small places Mandatory face mask Indoors, except when at home with family.

In number: Italian health officials say 5,901 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in the past 24 hours. The number of Kovid-19 patients in intensive care is now 514, surpassing the 420 figure on Sunday – the highest since March 31.

A woman undergoes a swab test for coronavirus on October 12 at a drive-thru testing site at a hospital in Rome.
A woman undergoes a swab test for coronavirus on October 12 at a drive-thru testing site at a hospital in Rome. Tiziana Fabi / AFP / Getty Images

Czech Republic: Primary and secondary schools closed Overnight. Bars and restaurants can do business – without Sitting service or dining Until 8 p.m. And then just by handing over, Health Ministry officials told CNN.

“Three unhappy weeks await” – Health Minister Roman Primula

Primula acknowledged that the first restrictions were not so strong in the summer and failed to slow down or stop the second wave.

In number: On Tuesday, 8,325 new cases were reported in the country – the second-highest number since the outbreak began. According to the European Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Czech Republic has more cases per 100,000 people (521.5) than any other European country.

France: The situation is getting worse in France as well. Prime Minister Emanuel Macron will give a televised speech later on Wednesday, in which some observers say new measures could be taken.

In number: According to the latest figures released by the French government, Covid-19 patients are now taking up 44.6% of the beds in the Paris intensive care unit. This is up from 39.7% a week ago when new restrictions were imposed in the Paris area, such as the closure of bars.

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Germany: Coronavirus infections are on the rise, and Chancellor Angela Merkel is scheduled to meet with state premiers from 16 federal states on Wednesday to discuss possible new measures across the country before the fall break. The Chancellor will be at the center of the discussion The question of staying overnight For German travelers.

In number: The Robert Koch Institute reported 5,132 new infections on Wednesday, bringing the country’s total to 334,585. The death toll rose from 40 to 9,677.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel issued a media statement in Berlin on October 9 after a video conference with German city mayors about the spread of the coronavirus in German cities.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel issued a media statement in Berlin on October 9, following a video conference with the mayors of German cities about the spread of the coronavirus in Germany. Excel Schmidt / Pool / AP

Poland: The country has seen the highest number of new coronavirus cases daily since the onset of the epidemic, and the number of deaths per day from Kovid-19 has risen. Prime Minister Mateusz Moraviki entered the fray after close contact with an infected man.

In number: The government said on Wednesday that the daily death toll had crossed 100. The government said on Wednesday that there were 6,526 cases of Kovid-19 and 116 deaths.

Additional reporting by Stephanie Hallaz, Fred Platten, Artur Osinski, Thomas Etzler, Nicola Rutlow and Amy Cassidy

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