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Brad Parscal, A former campaign manager, called Mr. Trump’s re-election campaign a “non-stop struggle.” But a review of more than a dozen current and former campaign supporters and Trump aides and interviews, and thousands of items filed with the federal campaign, shows that the presidential campaign and the RNC developed some illegal habits. When he was burned by hundreds of millions of dollars. Because Bill Stepian Replacing Mr. Parscale in July, the campaign has launched a series of belt-tightening measures that have reshaped initiatives to include works, travel and advertising budgets.

Under Mr. Parscale, more than million 350 million – about half of the 800 800 million – went into fundraising, as there was no cost left to find new donors online. The campaign brought together a large and well-paid staff and housed the team in a cave-filled and well-appointed office in the Virginia suburbs; External legal bills are treated as campaign expenses; And more than 10 10 million was spent on a television ad before the party convention, the point when historically most voters began to focus on the race.

A pair of Super Ball commercials, the splashst and perhaps most questionable shopping spree, is set aside for ਮੁਹਿੰਮ 11 million, more than what has been spent on TV in some of the top warring states. It was a waste of time that allowed Mr. Trump to associate with billionaires Michael R. BloombergBuy for the big game.

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