Learn how to be offline and invisible on WhatsApp

Learn how to be offline and invisible on WhatsApp

Miss MSN? In our article, you can find simple and easy tips to have more privacy and be visible offline and invisible on WhatsApp.

The most popular messaging app in the country, WhatsApp has certain settings that enhance user privacy and specific interests. These include: hiding the profile picture, defining who can see the status, and obtaining a final visa. However, accommodation options are not officially available. offline and invisible on whatsapp.

Some tips and tricks allow the user to resource access Offline and invisible on WhatsApp, even if not officially. If you want to know how to get the app online, keep following the story to know all the details.

How to appear offline and invisible on WhatsApp? Eye

Here, we tell you six tips for living offline and invisible WhatsApphandjob Either through moves or with specific apps. to follow:

  • Google Extensions for WhatsApp Web: Among the features offered in the extension are: Hide typing and leave WhatsApp online. It is worth mentioning that the extension is not official from the developer side of WhatsApp;
  • Enter Airplane Mode: Access the app and reply to your contacts while in Airplane Mode. Once you exit this feature, your contacts will receive messages and no one will see you online;
  • Disable your Internet connection: without internet access, WhatsApp It will not make it available to your contacts whether you are online or typing;
  • Read message in notification bar: In addition to reading messages notified by WhatsApp, it will be possible to reply to them in the notification bar. All this without even having to access the app. This would only be possible for short messages. If they’re long, you won’t be able to read (unfortunately) without accessing the app;
  • Unseen apps to go offline and invisible on WhatsApp: Through this application it is possible to give feedback directly on the screen of WhatsApp and other messengers. All this without the other person seeing that you are online;
  • Application Flychat: Connects to messaging apps and displays chat notifications in onscreen balloons. To reply to messages, you don’t need to open the app. That’s why you don’t appear online on WhatsApp.
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