Marcelo wants more testing and vaccination. Deflation only after easter

Marcelo wants more testing and vaccination.  Deflation only after easter

Continue normal imprisonment until Easter (4 April). And only then, slowly, become suspicious, eventually starting at schools – and everything always with more vaccination and more testing. And also to plan – but in the certainty that planning for defibrillation is not to doubt: “Never confuse planning with doubt.”

In short, this material was Country message, Thursday night, a message from the President of the Republic, which follows another approval in Parliament 15 more days of emergency (Now until 16 March).

“It is necessary to plan for the future, but these days because of the mistrust of numbers going on, it will be just as enticing, at least, because we know that numbers always go up fast, because they go down. Huh.”

Therefore, “Easter is a risky time for misleading or contradictory messages, such as, for example, opening without criteria before Easter, closing immediately after it, reopening after it”. If that were the case, “who would seriously take hardcore bombast? Therefore it is a matter of prudence and security to maintain Easter as a necessary milestone under the strategy”. While it is certain that “disbelieving would be misleading”, however, “the second thing on the scale is: the total number of inpatients and inpatients in intensive care is still high”, “reasons that make us think twice”.

Especially because – he emphasized more than once – vaccination is still slowly evolving and testing has also slowed down: “With the double protection of vaccines and tests, it would be easy to suspect.”

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Marcello recalled that Portugal had the worst number in the world just a month ago, and that only three weeks have passed since rows of ambulances were implemented in the emergency rooms of hospitals. And for now, the number for intensive care admissions is still “more than double” compared to “risk aversion”.

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