minority Report? Pentagon tests AI that ‘predicts the future’

minority Report?  Pentagon tests AI that ‘predicts the future’

The US military has tested it with an experimental artificial intelligence (AI) network that is capable of “prediction of the futureThe system will allow the Pentagon to identify potential future actions of enemies “days in advance”, as reported by Pleasure trip.

like a movie minority Report (2002), the instrument collects data from a variety of sources, such as satellites, sensors, intelligence reports and radar, among others. Based on this information, the AI ​​tries to predict opponents’ movements, evaluating patterns, discrepancies and trends between them.

The tests, titled “Global Information Domination Experiments (GIDE)”, showed promising results, according to US Northern Command (NORTHCOM) chief Glenn VanHerk. “GIDE marks a fundamental change in the way information and data are used to enhance decision space,” he explained.

Tom Cruise was the protagonist of Minority Report – The New Law.Source: imdb/breeding

VanHerk, who also heads the US Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), said the system could allow preventive measures to be implemented before fighting begins, thus avoiding more violent actions. In addition to the military, the resource will serve the civilian leaders of the country’s intelligence agencies.

accelerate data analysis

All data used by GIDE is currently available for human analysis. However, the tool gets the job done very quickly, allowing pentagon in decision making.

Available in the cloud, the data is machine-learning verified in real time, detecting patterns and reporting on signs that deserve attention, according to NORTHCOM General. In the most recent experiment, the algorithm successfully simulated taking an important place.

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with regard to concerns that She Decisions on their own in some situations can put lives at risk, VanHerk said, adding that the tool was only built for data analysis. “We don’t have machines to make decisions”, he pointed out.

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