MLS Playoffs Game Thread: Philadelphia Union 0 vs England England Revolutions 2, Final

MLS Playoffs Game Thread: Philadelphia Union 0 vs England England Revolutions 2, Final

Game updates:

90 + 6 ‘- The game is over but everyone is head over heels after a few words with glare. Successful season for the boys in the blue, frustrating playoff game.

90 + 4 ‘- Bedoa is on the ground holding his leg. The arena reminds Raff that he has only one minute left in the game.

90 + 2 ‘- At the same time, Bruce and I believe that Jim is not explicitly paying attention to the new mask fatwa in the state.

90 + 1 ‘- If you want to know the Reeves strategy, Bruce Arena just shouted “We’re finishing the game.”

90 ‘- The Union will have to do some magic during their stay here, they have five minutes left in the weather.

89 ‘- Revs double switches here.

88 ‘- Polster earns a yellow card.

87 ‘- Buchanan a wrong sale. Back on the pitch. They are now taking their time to restart the match.

85 ‘- Emmy performances by Canadians for drawing fouls near the right flag.

82 ‘- Union plays it short on the right and is easily saved by the Revue. Union was able to get it back and the shot comes from the top of the box and it escapes.

80 ‘- The Union needs a lot of help and energy here which could be the last 10 minutes of their season.

78 ‘- Reeves is making a sub while making a bow here and replaced with Tommy McNamara.

76 ‘- Fontana is brought in to replace Gondis. Fontana comes in and impresses with a cross that gives U a corner kick. Revs are able to clear it.

73 ‘- Wagner shows a yellow card for Gill.

72 ‘- Excellent turn through the gadis near the right corner flag and able to try a cross in the box and it goes out for a corner. The service is really easily secured.

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70 ‘- It has 20 minutes left and the union really needs to increase the pressure here. Ning England’s corner goes into the box and bounces around with the ball able to save the ball. Reeves is still leading 2-0.

68 ‘- Ilsinho arrives late on the ball and the Reds fall to Caldwell inside the penalty area.

66 ‘- Reeves is switching here when Kelly Rowe arrives for Banbury

65 ‘- Another easy chance was blocked by King England’s backline.

63 ‘- There is a free kick on the right side of the union and it is delivered right in the center of the box. Przebilko puts a head on it and it escapes.

62 ‘- Union is making double shifts here Aaronson and Santos were pulled and replaced by Jack Elliott and Corey Burke

60 ‘- Union are still trying to continue the attack, but the ball goes out for a goal kick.

54 ‘- Santos shot blocked.

46 ‘- The game runs back to 9:16

Halftime sub Ilsinho arrives for Martinez

45 + 1 ‘- halftime whistle. The teams are heading to the locker room at 9:02 p.m.

45 + 1 ‘- We have a 1 minute stop here in the first half.

45 ‘- Great change by U earns them a corner kick. However, the swing leading to the nearest outpost has been cleared by the ravens.

43 ‘- Wagner tries to push the ball to Monterio, which is offside.

41 ‘- Welcome to the pitch.

40 ‘- Martinez center wins a free kick near the edge of the circle. The union is now showing a little bit of consent but it is stopped when Bedoa is called for offside.

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Side note: The Toronto / Nashville game has a UPSTT that picks up W with Nashville and sends the TFC back to Canada.

With a new sense of 36 ‘- ac reza, keeper Prazebilko is committed to a tough deal and entered the ref book with a yellow card.

36 ‘- The ball floats in the box and is headed over by Capper Prazelko but survives.

31 ‘- Zero shots on the Union goal in the first 30 minutes of this popularity and a decrease in possession game. Not bad in one season, but not one of them better this season, they sit at 47%. Out of their two innings so far in this match, the players of Zero Union have been on the verge of victory.

30 ‘- The U’s backline continues to fall into the drawbox and the fully marked tilted Buchanan. Revenge 2-0.

28 ‘- A corner union on the right sends it in, but it clears.

25 ‘- Turns with a free kick from the right and takes it to the center of the box, where Box takes it home. Increase by 1-0

23 ‘- Look out of the scoreboard … Nashville led 1-0 in just 107.

22 ‘- Union forward Santos tried to cross it into the box from the right side but it was easily handled by the Ravens.

20 ‘- Bau shoots from the top center of the box and splits it exactly like any of my golf swings.

18 ‘- Kessler is meeting with the ref. Arena feels the game should continue and Prizbilco is on the pitch and holding his arm.

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16 ‘- Martinez, who was diving to get the ball, kicks it in the head and the ball is now a corner for the Ravens. Swans to the right of the net and is cleared by the union.

13 ‘- lazy and almost expensive turnover by Martinez. Boo’s shot defaults and slowly crosses the front of the trap.

12 ‘- New England Gaddis dealing with a slide to give England the first corner of the game. The service will be on the left. Turns to the center of the box and is easily cleaned by the union.

5′- Arnson provides a bouncing ball to Monterio holding on to the right, which is missed from the shot.

3 ‘- Unions, wearing blue kits, are defending the river here in the first half. The initial attacks are mounted on the left side of the field.

1 ‘- Playoff football running in Chester with kickoff 8:16.

Starting lineups:

Philadelphia Union:

New England England Revolution:


Out: Jack de Vries (M) – Concession Protocol

Out: Louis Cassedo (M) – Right knee injury
Out: Christian Penilla (F) – Left leg fracture

See how

Where: Subaru Park – Chester
when: 8:00 a.m., Tuesday, November 24th
Streaming: ESPN App, fuboTV *
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Referee: Joseph Dixon
Assistant Referee: Catherine Nesbitt, Adam Vinkowski
The fourth official: Photo by Bajakos
Where: David Gunter

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