Mother’s Day Messages for WhatsApp: 5 Apps with Phrases and Pictures | Social Networks

Mother’s Day Messages for WhatsApp: 5 Apps with Phrases and Pictures |  Social Networks

Mother’s Day messages can be found Apps for Android I Iphone ()Ios) Belongs to. Options make it possible to send tribute to phrases, stickers and images WhatsApp. In addition, in some apps it is possible to create personalized cards to celebrate the date, which is celebrated in 2021 on this Sunday (9).

Hey Sticker An example of an application for sending stickers and a detailed package on the theme “Happy Mother’s Day”. Love messages and phrasesApart from diversifying texts, it also allows children to practice their creativity by creating personalized cards to celebrate the day. Check out how to use apps to pay homage to Mother’s Day on WhatsApp.

Mother’s Day 2021: List brings five apps to send phrases, messages and stickers on WhatsApp – Photo: Clara Fabro / TechTudo

1. Love messages and phrases

Hey Love messages and phrases Only available for Android and has a wide variety of phrases and texts to celebrate Mother’s Day. Through the application, it is possible to navigate between different messaging options using the magnifying glass in the top menu of the screen. Then, do a search for “Mothers” or “Mothers Day” and tap on the tab so that the app opens all messages with the theme.

In addition, it is also possible to create a personalized card with the desired phrase. If you want to do this, tap on the small text and then on the icon with a picture of a picture located in the top right corner of the screen. Then choose an image to illustrate the background of the card. It is also possible to modify the style of the letters. To send your creation to WhatsApp, simply tap on the share icon to complete the action.

2. Messages and phrases for mothers

Hey Messages and phrases for mothers Can only be downloaded from the app store Google, a play store. The app has many phrases, short texts and short reflections on Mother’s Day, and allows you to create personalized cards and download sticker packs to send to WhatsApp.

On the home screen of the app, by clicking the “Sticker” button, you can check the entire collection of stickers available on the platform. In addition, it is also possible to add them to Messenger by clicking on the “Add to WhatsApp” option. With this, you can automatically save all stickers on WhatsApp.

There are different types of stickers for Whatsapp for Messages and Phrases Mothers App – Photo: Reproduction / Clara Fabro

3. Beautiful and Ready Message

O app Beautiful and ready message Available for Android and brings a series of short phrases and texts to share on WhatsApp or use as captions on photos on social networks. The app has messages on various topics – among them, Mother’s Day.

The phrases of the beautiful and ready messages app can be used as captions for photos – Photo: reproduction / Clara Fabro

To find messages that talk about mothers in beautiful and ready-made messages, tap on the arrow icon located in the top menu of the app. There are all categories of stage phrases. Then, slide the frame down until you find the “Mother’s Day” tab. When selecting the option, it is possible to check all phrases with the subject. To share them on WhatsApp, just tap on the phrase and then on the Messenger icon.

Hey Sticker There is a sticker application for WhatsApp available for Android and iPhone (iOS). In it, you can find sticker packs with the most diverse themes, including stickers to celebrate Mother’s Day. allows you to save sticker packs on WhatsApp – Photo: Reproduction / Clara Fabro

Hey Pinterest Is a popular photo app for inspiration. In it, you can find creative decorating ideas, short tutorials in style “do it yourself”, and even cards with phrases and motivational messages. The features that come with the site are numerous and, through the app, you can also find messages and cards along with images of Mother’s Day.

You can have a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ card on Pinterest – Photo: Reproduction / Clara Fabro

To search for phrases on the topic on Pinterest, step by step is very simple: First, open the app and tap on the magnifying glass in the lower menu, to do a new search. Then, type “Happy Mother’s Day” in the search bar to find messages, pictures and cards. To share a single photo on WhatsApp, tap the share icon next to the image and then the logo of Messenger.

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