Mysterious alien-like creature found on the beach

Mysterious alien-like creature found on the beach

A mysterious alien looking sea creature was found on a beach in Australia and curious beachgoers pass by. The animal appeared last Tuesday (5) on the edge of a sand bar in Bondi Beach.

The creature was first noticed by local resident Drew Lambert, who found the animal next to a pile of seaweed on the sand. The underside of the animal resembles a mouth, with a darker color on top, including areas that look like human lips.

When asked by TMZ, Sagar’s supervisor The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium said the animal is not an alien. According to experts, it is a species of dead stingray, whose wings and tail were missing.

end of last week, Another strange creature was also found on the beach of Maroochidor, Australia.,

Dead animal found in Australia looks like a crocodile

Image: reproduction

The animal was also dead, but it did not look like an alien. The images showed that the animal was more like a crocodile in its size.

The corpse had a long tail and its hind legs were kept outstretched. At the other end, the skull was exposed, resting between two limbs like small human arms.

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