Netflix live-action plot and characters revealed

Netflix live-action plot and characters revealed

Optimize Domestic rogue For theaters it would not be as loyal to the game as fans would like, but it was certainly a huge success at the box office. So much that Netflix It was decided to explore the universe in a new series about the family of the game’s main villains: Albert wesker.


The plot of the series will focus on the character Jade WeskerThe villain’s daughter, as she unravels the dark secrets of her family. We will have two different timeframes: one in the present where the apocalypse has already occurred and the other in the past where everything was simple.

There are indications that the story directly connects with the franchise’s first film, but there is still no official confirmation. In the past, we will learn more Albert wesker And his relationship with two daughters. Currently, we’ll see Jade dealing with the consequences of her family’s legacy.

Like movies, Umbrella will be at the heart of present day

The character

Website The Illuminary Published casting calls for the most important characters in the production, providing details about their characteristics and evidence of their role in the story. In addition to Jade, we have confirmed Albert I Billy Wesker, Beyond mysterious Evelyn. check out:


Main character, 28 years old, brown. Jade has changed a lot since her rebellious teens. He is an inspired scientist who survives due to his intelligence. She is filled with guilt to survive the incident and feels responsible for the apocalypse series of events that have resulted in the rise of tragic fate in her sister and the rest of the world.

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Hates jade UmbrellaA totalitarian mega-corporation that survived the apocalypse. Your mission is to end the organization. She promised herself that she would never live like her father, Albert, who was so busy with work that he forgot to raise his daughters. She is in a relationship Arjun, Who has a young daughter named Beloved. Jade loves them deeply, but chooses his field missions that keep him away for months in an effort to pursue his scientific studies.

We gradually learn a more maternal and immature side of Jade, as he devotes himself to repairing a broken world in search of redemption on his part in causing all this chaos.

Jade blames herself for the apocalypse that turned everyone into a zombie

Young jade

14 year old brown girl, Jade Is a brave and rebellious teenager who saves his father for a lapse. Despite everything, he is outgoing, over-confident and able to befriend anyone, in addition to following situations easily. She tries to look tough from outside, but from inside she is very sensitive. Her strongest connection is to her introverted twin sister, Billy. They are opposed to almost everything and Jade’s impulsive attitude troubles her sister.

Young billy

14-year-old brown girl, a regular in the series. Billy Jade’s sister, sad enough to change her whole life to go like this communityPerfect women”(1972 book). Unlike Jade, she is trying to remain optimistic about this. In short, this is what Billy is: a Pacifist worker.

Billy is an introverted girl with a strong sense of justice, who ends up secretly invading her father’s lab. Determined to expose his completely inhumane tests on animals, he ends up being bitten by an animal with an unknown virus. Biting has terrible consequences that change your personality. It becomes more and more unstable, easily losing control of its emotions. Together with her sister, she finds a way to reverse what is happening to her.

Albert Wesker appears rarely in Resident Evil Game

Albert wesker

A man in his 40s, Albert wesker It is mysterious, fascinating and very esoteric. He is the single father of two teenage girls. Despite having a bright and funny scientific mind, it has a dark side that it can hide very well. As the series progresses, it becomes difficult for them to hide their secrets when they collide with their public lives.

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Eventually, his ambition comes to the fore. He is highly inspired by his scientific discoveries, which test his theories without worrying about their serious consequences for the world.


A woman in her 40s (any ethnicity). Evelyn Marcus She is the daughter of an important executive. She is influential, ruthless and unfaithful. When things go wrong in the company, they are the ones who ask to fix everything… in the most aggressive way possible. He has a wife and a son, Simon – A super popular 15 year old boy with very advanced computing skills in school.

However, when he starts going to one of Albert’s daughters, Evelyn begins to suspect that someone is dependent on something.

The series is being produced by Films from the same studio.


The new series still has no premiere date, but shooting should begin in the coming weeks. We know that your development is in the studio’s hands Constantin film – He is responsible for producing all the films in the franchise. This indicates that the story may be connected to what we have already seen on the big screen, but it is no guarantee.

Script in hand Andrew DabFamous to write several episodes of Supernatural while executive production was in charge Bronwen Hughes. This is the first series under his responsibility, but he previously directed episodes such as the show 13 reasons why, The walking dead I better call Saul.

Best remember Resident Evil in theaters:

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