New Fraud? The birth of ten twins in South Africa divided the authorities. world

New Fraud?  The birth of ten twins in South Africa divided the authorities.  world

Gosiam Thamara Sithol reportedly gave birth to 10 twins in South Africa last Monday, 07

Last Monday night, June 7, 37-year-old South African Gosiam Thamara Sithol would have given birth to 10 twins and thus, world record broken
She was from Malian Halima Sisse, who had 9 children in Morocco in May 2021. Following a long-running dispute over the veracity of the episode, Ekurhuleni city mayor Mazvandile Masina confirmed on Twitter this morning that he had found Gosiam’s family and claimed to support them. According to BBC News, a member of the government had confirmed the births of 10 children, while another source may have announced to “wait to see the children”.

While they are still waiting to find out if the story is real, South Africa has started organizing a national baby shower to support the alleged mother of 10 twins.

According to Gosiam’s husband, Teboho Tsotesi, the family and doctors were expecting only eight children, but they were surprised at the time of delivery with two more children. In all, Gosiam would have had seven boys and three girls. She told the Pretoria News that her pregnancy was natural and had not undergone any fertilization treatment. The couple lives in Guateng Province.

“There are seven boys and three girls. She was seven months and seven days pregnant. I am happy and shaken. I can’t talk much,” said Tsotsi, who is unemployed.

Mayor Messina even went so far as to say that the case report published by Pretoria News was fake. However, he denied on Wednesday and published on social networks that the government’s work a day earlier was a “joke”. According to him, the woman’s family must have been getting proper help at that time.

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Throughout yesterday afternoon, Fulma Williams, director of the South African government’s Department of Communications, said she had contacted public and private hospitals in the province, but was unable to locate the alleged 10 children. This Wednesday morning, the South African government published a note asking for more information about the case.

Woman says she had 10 kids last Monday, 07, in South Africa
reproduction / social media

Woman says she had 10 kids last Monday, 07, in South Africa

Last month, Gosiam and Teboho gave an interview to Pretoria News when they still believed they were the future parents of eight twins. Initially, doctors may have detected only six babies, but two more were discovered during ultrasound.

Teboho said, “I couldn’t believe it. I felt like God’s chosen one. I’m privileged to have so many kids when there are so many kids who can’t have them.”

Gosiam pregnancy, if real, is considered a high risk and rare case, usually due to fertility treatments. The health status of the babies was not informed, but, according to the newspaper, is expected to spend the next few months under hospital supervision.

In early May, a Malian woman expecting seven children gave birth to nine children, five girls and four boys. Malian Halima Sisse, who had undergone fertilization treatment, was to be transferred from her home country to Morocco, where she would have access to adequate medical care for her pregnancy’s high risk level.

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