New images show molten Antonov An-225; Pilot talks about ‘Maria 2.0’

New images show molten Antonov An-225;  Pilot talks about 'Maria 2.0'

After 33 years of flights, the world’s largest commercial aircraft, the iconic Antonov AN-225 Mriya, During the fighting at Gostomel airport was destroyed., northwest of Kyiv. Experts from the state-owned manufacturer have already concluded that it is not possible to restore the unit, but they shed a glimmer of hope by announcing that they intended to create a new project and develop a new model airplane. Huh.

No such project exists yet and whenever there is and approved, it will take a few years to complete. Amidst all these references, there is still the cost of reconstruction, which could easily exceed US$1 billion to bring the Ukrainian “dream” back to the skies.

A special commission under the auspices of the state-owned industrial group Ukroboronprom should determine what is needed for this. While this new project remains uncertain, new information about the destroyed copy has been released in Gostomel.

new information

another AN-225 . A video published by K Pilot on Saturday (7)Dmitry Antonov, the entire area around the destroyed aircraft has already been cleared and now the manufacturer’s teams will begin dismantling the roof of the hangar, so that there is a risk of falling and injuring more people.

He also talks about the idea of ​​rebuilding Gostomel airport and comments that there are people working on 2D and 3D models of the future AN-225 project, which he calls “Maria 2.0”. However, he still doesn’t project any images of how this is changing.

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In turn, Kyiv Independent reporter Ilya Ponomarenko published new high-resolution images of the hangar, where the AN-225 was attacked. Although the images only reinforce others previously released, they give another perspective on the destruction.

new video

As you can see in the video (below, wait for loading), it is clear that there is only one skeleton left from the main landing gear. The right wing is also more damaged than initially thought, with larger holes. On the other hand, Mariah’s rear appears to be intact.

Many ask whether it will be possible to use the rear parts of the aircraft in the manufacture of new models of aircraft, but at the moment there is no answer to this question.

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