New to Android should make sharing images easier

New to Android should make sharing images easier

Reading items on a smartphone screen is at times a hand on the way. Google’s tool is built into the Android overview. More than just taking a quick screenshot, this feature helps make copying options accessible.

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This function has been present in Pixel phones for almost 3 years. It was necessary to have access through Google Assistant on other devices. However, this feature is not always available. However, the option must be enabled from factory on Android 12.

more easily

Some very useful apps that use artificial intelligence are already present on Android 12. This is the case of Google Translator and Google Lens, for example. They are part of the Android overview. The beta 4 version adds automatic photo detection to the tool.

Whenever an image is in the app window, an icon is shown at the bottom of the screen. Tapping on the icon expands the media and displays the options in Google Lens. It is possible to copy, share and save. Everything is visible in the top corner. In addition, it is possible to quickly share between the user’s contacts.

As such, this feature is significantly more efficient than the other default options. Today, it is necessary to take a print, crop the image, and then send it, eg. That is, although the change is not that big, it can significantly affect the user experience.

When does the update come?

It is not yet known whether the update will be available for all devices with Android 12. Some companies may or may not be free to use extras promoted by Google. Samsung and Xiaomi are the two companies that have this feature.

Thus, it is up to the manufacturers to adopt the reforms. However, the hope is that, at least, the latest devices get updated.

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The modified Android also doesn’t have a set release date. Everything points to the fact that the news will soon come to the public. Who knows, in the next few months, in 2021.

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