New Vaccine Scheduling System in Cariusica Starting This Monday

New Vaccine Scheduling System in Cariusica Starting This Monday
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Starting this Monday (19), the scheduling of vaccines against COVID-19 and influenza (influenza) for residents of Cariasica will be done through the website only. Vaccine and Trust ES, of the State Govt.

This measure was adopted to make it easier for the population to have access to the vaccination program. Now, those who were already using Carsica City Hall Appointment will have to re-register on the platform.

“In addition to easing scheduling, the Vaccine e Confia ES platform will allow the health department to manage its stock more efficiently and transparently and send real-time information about the administration of doses received by the health department to the health department. municipality”, said Roberta Goltara, the health secretary of Cariasica.

How to register on the Vacina e Confia ES website?

The process is simple and intuitive. Providing an e-mail address and a mobile phone number is very important, as communication with citizens will be done through this information.

A second dose notice, an overdue dose notice, will be sent along with other information to strengthen the transparency process.

In addition, supplementation of the data is also highlighted, during healthcare visits, helping the day of scheduling more quickly, as the pre-filled data is already available to the vaccinator.

Scheduling on the Vacina e Confia ES website

One of the innovations available on the Vaccine e Confia ES platform is the scheduling portal for the vaccination campaign against Covid-19.

It aims to provide municipalities that do not have an online scheduling system with a simple and easily accessible tool for conducting campaigns.

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The system will be available for subscription at any time.

Within the platform, municipalities will have the autonomy to define any strategy, as well as the option to open appointments only to their citizens or the general population.

The system precludes the choice of immunizing agent for the first dose – the manufacturer is only available for the second dose. In addition, there is no substitute for dosages from different manufacturers and third doses.

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