New WhatsApp rules may limit your in-app account; Understand!

New WhatsApp rules may limit your in-app account;  Understand!

Last Friday, 7, WhatsApp updated its privacy policy Which describes what will happen to user accounts that do not agree with the new rules, which begin to apply in Next 15th. However, according to the app, No account will be deleted understand.

New WhatsApp rules may limit your in-app account; Understand! (Image: Marcello Cassel Jr. / Agocasia Brasil)

Users who do not agree with the new terms will receive a reminder more often about the new terms.

This is not the first time that this has happened. In February, the WhatsApp Warned users that sending and receiving messages would be restricted to those who did not accept the new terms by the effective date.

Therefore, nothing changes for those who do not accept the rules until the 15th. In practice, the app will give users more time to accept the new policy.

After a period of several weeks, the reminders people receive will remain constant ”, warned WhatsApp.

After the reminder is requested, sending and receiving messages will be restricted and the app says that users will not be able to see the conversation history.

Anyone who omits notifications will be able to touch them to read or answer them, in addition to answering voice and video calls.

After limited operation for a few weeks, you will not be able to receive calls or notifications and WhatsApp will stop sending messages and calls to your phone.

O app It did not extend how long these restrictions would be in place.

What will change in whatsapp?

Earlier this year, the app began warning about changes to the privacy policy that the app’s owner provides for sharing new data with Facebook.

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According to the new wording, data generated in interactions with commercial accounts, such as stores offering WhatsApp service, can be used by companies to target advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.

WhatsApp claims that the change in privacy policy focuses on interaction with business accounts, but, The new text indicates a collection of information that was not in the previous version of the document.

Can read whatsapp and facebook message?

No. The company ensures that all messages, whether audio, video or pictures, are encrypted from end to end and only the sender and recipient can see the message.

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