Parents in US ask for teacher’s resignation: ‘Your body distracts students’

Parents in US ask for teacher's resignation: 'Your body distracts students'

When going to school, children should pay attention to what is on the board and what the teachers say, but this is not happening in kindergartens in the city of Pensokane Township, United States. At least that’s what parents guarantee, claiming that the faculty will be ‘distracting’ students.

Therefore, the parents launched an offensive, demanding the dismissal of the teacher, as he has a ‘shiny’ body.

On Instagram, the teacher who identifies herself only as “Toyboxdollz” often posts about raising children, but also about the importance of positive and receptive body image. Already on YouTube, she, who is a mother to a girl, says that girls need to feel comfortable with their appearance.

Despite this, the parents reportedly sent a letter to the authorities asking them to be fired from their jobs, claiming that their image “distracts” the children.

However, the labor laws of the state of New Jersey, where she works, state that it is illegal to fire her because of her physical appearance. As a result, the school did not even consider fulfilling the requests of some parents, according to Infobae.

Another thing that caused controversy was his exposure on social media. Some parents may have seen her online behavior as inconsistent with her job as a teacher.

With matters going, her popularity on the network has been on the rise lately, adding 200,000 new followers in the past two months alone.

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