Paris is under curfew as Europe raises viral taxes; Trump’s Teen Son Caught Virus, Reveals First Revealed Blood

Coronavirus LIVE Updates: Paris Goes Under Curfew as Europe Ramps Up Virus Curbs; Trump's Teen Son Caught Virus, Reveals First Lady

In Spain, borders and restaurants across the Northeast will remain closed for the next 15 days as the country deals with the highest rate of infection in the European Union, with approximately 900,000 cases and more than 33,000 deaths. Measures have also been taken in the Netherlands, including a ban on the sale of alcohol and the need for new masks, while Northern Ireland has announced the closure of pubs and restaurants for four weeks. The Prime Minister of Ireland, Michelle Martin, has announced a new fleet of cruises along the British-Northern Ireland border, including the closure of non-essential retail outlets, gyms, pools and leisure centers.

Earlier on Wednesday, the revolving government of Northern Ireland announced plans to close pubs and restaurants for four weeks, lift restrictions on social gatherings and increase the number of cases of extended mid-term school breaks. First Minister Arlene Foster told MPs in the Northern Ireland Assembly that infection rates “should be scrapped now or we will soon find ourselves in a very difficult place.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also under increasing pressure to take tougher measures to reduce spiraling rates in England, including a two-week “circuit-breaking” lockout. Johnson said the new UK-wide lockout would be a “catastrophe” but declined to deny it because the government’s science advisory committee backed the temporary shutdown. And in Italy, authorities recorded 7,332 new cases on Wednesday – the highest daily number the worst-affected country has ever seen.

Rome has already enacted strict rules to control the resurgence of the virus, including the end of parties, amateur football matches and snacks at bars at night. In addition to Europe, Iran on Wednesday announced new travel bans affecting the capital Tehran and four other major cities, as well as new single-day records in both Covid-19 deaths and new transitions. And since the start of the epidemic, the death toll in neighboring Iraq has risen to 10,000.

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At least 1,089,039 people have died worldwide since the outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan in 2019, according to official AFP figures. At least 38.3 million cases have been reported worldwide. In the Talks Online talks, the G-20 finance ministers and central bankers agreed to increase debt repayment by the world’s poorest countries for six months, paving the way for another long-term approach in the spring. Incumbent G20 President Saudis hosted a virtual meeting hosted by the Arabs a day after the International Monetary Fund warned that global GDP in 2020 would be 1 percent. The contract will compromise the percentage and the damage caused by the epidemic will be felt for years.

As Europe imposes new sanctions, the suspension of two clinical trials in the United States has severely hurt hopes of providing relief for vaccines or treatment. Ally Lilly, a U.S. pharmaceutical firm, said it had suspended the Phase 3 trial of antibody treatment due to an unknown incident, the second time Johnson and Johnson had had a similar problem with a vaccine candidate in less than 24 hours. Health experts say that despite the problem, large-scale testing is common in later stages, with the World Bank approving 12 12 billion to finance the purchase and distribution of vaccines, tests and treatments to developing countries. Given.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Moscow had registered a second vaccine, “Epivakkorona”, developed by a top-secret Siberian laboratory to follow its first “Sputnik” jabba.

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