Tornados Leave 5 Dead Worlds in Alabama, USA

Tornados Leave 5 Dead Worlds in Alabama, USA

A series of Tornado Small communities reach South Birmingham on Thursday (25) in the North American state Alabama And gone 5 deadAccording to local authorities. The buildings across the region suffered major damage and a large number of people were injured.

The National Weather Service issued tornado notices for much of the state, and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department warned residents that the tornado was targeting communities there.

Firefighters inspected debris from a house destroyed in a storm in Birmingham, Alabama on Thursday (25) – Photo: AP Photo / Butch Dill

Alabama news site said residents of the town of Pelham, about 21,000 people about 20 miles south of Birmingham, were also asked to seek shelter.

Tornado ravaged house in Birmingham, Alabama on Thursday (25) – Photo: AP Photo / Butch Dill

The website said there were several injuries in Shelby County, southeast of Birmingham, but the number of people injured and the extent of the injuries were not clear.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said on Twitter, “We have received numerous reports of damage in various areas of Shelby County. It also includes trees and power lines along the roadway.”

Firefighter inspected debris from destroyed house in tornado on Thursday (25) in Birmingham, Alabama – Photo: AP Photo / Butch Dill

“Please refrain from driving on the road, unless absolutely necessary to allow public safety personnel to evacuate these areas,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

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