Patient kept in hospital for more than a year with Kovid-19 vomiting

Patient kept in hospital for more than a year with Kovid-19 vomiting

Jason has been in the ICU of a hospital for over a year (AP Photo / Kirsty Wigglesworth, pool)

  • Jason Kelak was hospitalized in Leeds in April last year

  • Since then, he has been living in the ICU of the hospital fighting for his life

  • According to his wife, the boy vomits every day due to stomach upset.

A patient is hospitalized for a year and is registered as the longest survivor Symptoms of covidan 19 in Britain. Jason Kelk, 49, has been living in a hospital in Leeds, England since April 1, 2020.

It is months without being able to walk alone and throw up every day. This is because the virus attacked her stomach and left her with gastroparesis, a condition that prevents the organ from healing.

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“His kidneys and lungs were almost completely destroyed and he developed gastroparesis,” the boy’s wife, Suu, explained. “Jason still has a tracheostomy and vomits every day.”

Jason felt ill at Christmas 2019. Inconsistent, he was diagnosed with a chest infection. When he began to recover, the symptoms suddenly returned with greater intensity.

The patient keeps fighting for life (AP Photo / Christoph Ana)

The patient keeps fighting for life (AP Photo / Christoph Ana)

There was still very little information COVID-19 In England, but Jason tested positive for the virus and was placed in intensive care on 3 April. next day, Need to intubate.

“Significant victory”

After more than a year, he remains in an intensive care unit struggling for life. Soo reported that her husband has received “significant victories” in recent times, including a waiver from a few weeks earlier.

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“For a long time, I was always told that it was a case of ‘if’, not ‘when’ Jason would come home. Now, it really looks like he’s coming home with me. We ‘ When ‘Saying’, if not ‘, then convince the wife of the patient.

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