Pensioner is diagnosed with end-stage tumor after visiting doctor for pain in his big toe

Pensioner is diagnosed with end-stage tumor after visiting doctor for pain in his big toe

it was during a consultation right big toe pain Richard Bernstein, 42, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The case took place in the United States, when the man received kidney tumor diagnosis and a tumor thrombus. information is from G1,

Richard is a resident of New Jersey and went to the hospital after experiencing pain for five years. According to the New York Post, he thought it was a fracture. Two years ago, I went specialist doctorSuch as the podiatrist, but no one found any problems with the bones.

With the intensity of the symptoms, one of the doctors requested abdominal exam, In March this year, he already felt pain in his ankle and his leg was swollen. Examination revealed a tumor that grew in the renal vein and filled the vena cava.

was retired 99% of blocked coronary arteries, besides his liver is close to failure. In an interview with the New York Post, he announced that the doctor had given him four days to live.

emergency surgery

After the diagnosis, the man had a 12 hour surgery To remove the tumor. The operation was complex and involved the involvement of various specialist doctors.

hey Director of Urology at Phelps HospitalBased in New York State, Michael Grosso reported that he was on a “workout”.

“I had two life-threatening conditions occurring at the same time in a very short period of time.”

Michael Grosso

director of urology

After removing the tumor, the doctor explains that it is not necessary. are having chemotherapy, Bernstein is now recovering from surgery to be able to walk on his own.

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