“People assume I’m their sugar baby, but we’re in love”

"People assume I'm their sugar baby, but we're in love"

A couple with a 31-year age difference explained what it’s like to live the age difference Relationship, Claire is 21 years old and Scott is 52 years old and the two met when the two were in other relationships, although the attraction was immediate, which led to their separation from their partners.

According to Metro UK (English lesson), The pair worked out in the same gym where Claire was a receptionist and Scott was a personal trainer. “I broke up with my ex-boyfriend on New Year’s and paid for a personal training session with my fiancée that same week,” the woman said.

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However, the new relationship was subject to many judgments, as people assumed Claire was a sugar kid or that she was right after his money. “The way we deal with backlash is to distance ourselves from people who bring negativity into our lives. I’ve never been in an age-gap relationship before and neither have I, so I’ve never faced this kind of negativity before.”

Despite the challenges, the couple claims to be happy. Claire says that her past relationships were with people her age and not all of them were good. “Boys my age lacked the emotional maturity, financial wealth, and effort put into the relationship.

Among her partner’s positive traits, she says she is good at expressing feelings and boundaries and is grateful that she doesn’t have to teach them like she did in other relationships. “He supports me, spoils me and takes great care of me – he goes above and beyond to make me happy.”

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The woman wishes that by sharing this story, people should normalize the age difference and prove that love knows no bounds.


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