Peruvian judge rejects Keiko Fujimori’s remand for money laundering. world

Peruvian judge rejects Keiko Fujimori's remand for money laundering.  world

The eldest daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori, also in prison for human rights violations, Keiko is accused of receiving $1.2 million from Brazilian construction company Odebrecht for her political campaigns in 2011 and 2016 – both times, she lost .

In the case involving Keiko, Jose Domingo Perez, the prosecutor had sought 11 months and 22 days in prison for the candidate, alleging that she failed to comply with restrictions on maintaining communication with witnesses in the case. Learn more in the video below.

Prosecutor seeks justice from Peru for Keiko Fujimori's preventive detention

Prosecutor seeks justice from Peru for Keiko Fujimori’s preventive detention

The candidate participated in Monday’s hearing with lawyer Giuliana Loza, who said her client did not break the ban or act to obstruct the court process, with no date set for the trial.

Keiko doesn’t give up

Keiko Fujimori, the popular military candidate for Peru’s presidency during a press conference on May 8 – Photo: Reuters/Angela Ponce

The court’s decision comes at a time when Keiko does not give up for socialist Pedro Castillo, who declared himself the winner after the country’s electoral authority. Declare your leadership by a margin of 44,058 votes.

To officially announce the winner, the National Court of Elections must Solution to the challenge or deletion of thousands of votes Most requested by Keiko Fujimori, from remote areas, allegation of fraud. Experts say the review process can take days and even weeks.

The international observer of the process in Lima has already stated that transparent election.

Learn more about the impasse in Peru’s elections in the video below

OAS election observers call for patience for Peru's presidential candidates
OAS election observers call for patience for Peru's presidential candidates

OAS election observers call for patience for Peru’s presidential candidates

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