Plane takes off, lands at different airports and passengers pay hefty taxi bills

Plane takes off, lands at different airports and passengers pay hefty taxi bills

A diverted flight caused a major headache for passengers in the UK, as they had to take a taxi back to their hometowns.

It all started when a WizzAir flight took off from Corfu, Greece, on 3 July for Cardiff, Wales. Also during the flight, a small plane crashed at the Welsh airport, preventing Airbus from landing there. Therefore, the crew decided to divert the flight to Bristol, the neighboring city of Cardiff and on the other side of the canal of the same name, but located in England.

After landing in Bristol and waiting for hours, passengers were told that the plane would no longer fly to Wales, and passengers would have to make their way to Cardiff.

Despite facing each other, the Bristol Canal does not have a direct sea connection, as shown in the map below, so it is necessary to take a car and cross a bridge, with the journey lasting an hour.

Photo: Google Maps

Thus, taxis on this route cost £166 sterling (R$1,000), an amount to be paid by passengers who were expected to be reimbursed as they had paid for a shuttle service that would take them from Corfu to Cardiff. , and not to Bristol. In addition, Wizz Air did not offer shuttles to take passengers from one airport to another.

But this did not happen. According to passengers reported to daily starThe company denied the refund, claiming that the diversion was made due to “extraordinary circumstances” and that under European law, it would have no refund obligation.

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“Obviously this is something the airline couldn’t do, but what happened is unfortunate, they didn’t give us any food after we landed in Bristol, and many kids were hungry. We spent 2 hours 30 hours on the plane waiting for the decision and one person lost his patience and got out of the plane soon after the flight was cancelled.says passenger Ian Walters, who was on the diverted flight with his wife and two children.

Yet according to Walters, Bristol airport officials informed him that WizzAir’s men were on their way and that everything would be sorted out, but they never arrived, leaving Cardiff to take a taxi back.

The airline has yet to comment on the matter, but there have been several reports of companies in the UK changing, delaying or canceling flights and not reimbursing passengers for additional expenses.

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