Pokemon Legends Arceus shares trailer after preview – gamereactor – Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus shares trailer after preview – gamereactor – Pokemon Legends Arceus

Soon, Pokémon Trainer trainers from around the world will be returning to their Nintendo Switch to explore the Zikui area and create the first-ever Pokédex here. Pokémon Arceus, due for release on January 28, uses a formula that goes far beyond the series’ traditional main series, and we’ve been invited to a practical demo to learn more about it. More information about the job.

Right now, you’ll have to wait until the end of this month to see our full review article and get a definitive conclusion, but for now we have a few new things to tell you. These are the top 3 takeaways we got from the recently released clip:

1. Zizui is bigger and more dynamic than it looks

The Zikui area is huge, bigger than we originally thought. We won’t be able to explore it independently because we need to choose our destination area every time we leave the Celebration Village, but the map we see isn’t small at all.

The use of markers and map/player relationships are good indicators, plus you can switch mounts on the fly with the push of a button, suggesting that the developers want players to be able to navigate the world with ease.

pokemon legends arcuspokemon legends arcus

This all happens when the Pokémon is naturally wandering around, because once you get close to them, they can run away, approach, or attack. On a technical level, it might not be the most compelling game on the Switch (though it could be surprising, keep an eye out for its OST), but the game creates an interesting vibe, and compared to the main series, it makes for a great deal. A more vibrant and natural world. However, it is not difficult to do so.

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2. It Encourages Exploration

We still don’t know if there will be more cities to be seen other than the Celebration Village in the center of the game’s main location and base. However, Pokémon Legends Arceus wants players to look to the forest of Zikui.

By creating the first Pokedex, our trainers will level up, gradually unlocking new locations in the Celebration Village. In addition, there are various discoveries that will serve as an excuse to visit forests, meadows, snowy peaks, volcanoes, deserts or lakes.

Then there are quests or side quests, although these don’t seem very creative so far. Fortunately, with each hike, you can collect resources and revisit certain areas at different times and weather conditions. The latter affects the creatures you get, and if the balance is right, it should keep our interest for a while. This part is going to be the key to the game’s success, as completing the Pokedex requires repeating certain actions, which is never a good thing.

3. Pokemon Legend of Arceus Won’t Be Easy

You spot a Pokémon, throw a Poké Ball, and fight! In “Pokémon Legend of Arceus”, the battle will not be easy and free-handed. Combining elemental types with new agility and strength styles will be very important, as you will not only need to identify the Pokémon’s weaknesses and strengths, but also take into account the turn-based management and use of items (buy or craft). Have to use wisely.

pokemon legends arcus

Also, if a Pokémon attacks, the player character can actually take damage, even passing out and losing items, and some creatures are very powerful. In a fight with the level 50 Alpha Digimon, we saw him beat the level 54 Raichu in one fell swoop.

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It’s worth taking on these challenges, as these more powerful Pokémon can then join us. This will help and may please fans who have been looking for more difficulty over the years.

pokemon legends arcus

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