Pokémon: The version with cell-shading graphics is jaw-dropping

Imagem de: Pokémon: versão com gráficos cell-shading é de cair o queixo

Despite being very popular, franchise games pokemon The news has been criticized for the lack of it. latest release, Pokemon Legends: Arceusuntil it innovated to bring a very diverse open world, but the graphics received complaints.

To try to show that it was possible to bring “freshness” to the series, a fan decided to video the game in a version of the genre. in the best way cell shadingwhich renders 3D images giving the effect of 2D, the user pokeyugami Twitter has developed a beautiful art. This technique can be seen in games like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, jenshin effect And turret,

Using many of the features of Pocket Monster Comics, the video shows a pokemon First generation style. Check the result given below.

The result of PokéYugami’s work was liked and appreciated by many. The fan’s original tweet garnered nearly 100k likes, over 1.8 comments, and 24k retweets.

One Twitter user said, “This is by far the best Pokemon fanart I’ve seen.” “I will trade the whole franchise” donkey Kong For a single pokemon game in this genre. Awesome!” said another.

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