Police armed with guns, water riots in: Blaze in protests in Germany Dresden | World | News

Police armed with guns, water riots in: Blaze in protests in Germany Dresden |  World |  News

Pictures show armed police gathering at Dresden stations in anticipation of anti-ban protests to quell the epidemic, which critics are adamant. The “Quardanken” initiative held a rally for 4,000 people, which has since been banned by a German court.

The Quardanken-711 Twitter page states: “We are demos for fundamental rights: not demo-demo-anti-corona demos, but demos for the restoration of our fundamental rights.”

The Supreme Court of Saxony ruled in favor of the abuser in a ruling last Saturday.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany rose 28,438 to 1,300,516, according to the Robert Koch Institute’s (RKI) Infectious Diseases Statistics on Saturday.

The death toll rose 496 to 21,466, according to the report

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will hold talks with state leaders on Sunday to tighten lockouts and close schools and shops on the agenda to stem the spread of coronavirus infection.

Germany has been closed for the past six weeks, with bars and restaurants closing. Some areas have already implemented strict measures.

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According to the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases (RKI) on Saturday, the cost of a new coronavirus rose to 28,438 per day from 496 deaths per day.

Economy Minister Peter Altmeyer told the RND newspaper on Saturday that the hospital’s monitoring units were being expanded to their limits and that Germany could not wait for a response after Christmas.

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