Pope Francis says Opus Dei Bishop will no longer be bishop

Pope Francis says Opus Dei Bishop will no longer be bishop

Vatican, 22 July. 22/01:56 PM (ika) – Pope Francis referred to the Apostleship as a . published as moto proprio Ad Karishma Tuendum (protecting charisma) with which he improvises the personal preface of Opus Dei. The most notable change is that the Opus Dei Episcopalian will no longer be a bishop, as established by Pope St. John Paul II in 1982.

hey moto proprio Francis’ signature was signed by the Pope on 14 July but was issued yesterday (21) by the Holy See Press Office.

Feather Ad Karishma TuendumPope applies apostolic constitution Predicate Evangeliumwhich he published transferring the powers from his own decastery to the matters of personal presentation the bishop to curate.

After the publication of the Apostolic Constitution Predicate Evangelium On 19 March, Monsignor Fernando Ocariz, the bishop of the Opus Dei, sent a message to the Prelecher’s faithful in which he said that “the general negotiator turns with the Holy See” because “there are many matters that the Prelecher usually deal with” in the Curia. Romana belongs to his presbytery”, however, Dom Fernando warned on that occasion that “the substance of the Prelacher of Opus Dei, composed of laymen and priests, women and men, as established The statutes given to the work by the Apostolic Chas not been changed in any way”.

“On the Holiness of Saint Joseph, Patron Saint of” church Universal, we entrust to the Lord the service that the Roman Curia provides to the Church and the world. Let us also ask God that in Opus Dei every common man and every priest, every woman and every man with a gospel approach, with optimism, to offer his friendship to all people and to seek all friendship with Jesus Christ. knows how to do wrote. Then Ocariz.

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Motu Proprio Ad Karishma Tuendum

in its text new apostolic letter, Francis says the change was made to “protect charisma”.

Article 3 moto proprio It is said that because of the amendment of the apostolic constitution sit right, Opus Dei methods will be updated. The Pope says “the prelate itself must make a resolution, and they shall be approved by the competent bodies of the organs of the Apostolic c”.

Opus Dei states that the fact that the bishop is no longer a bishop “is an initiative and decision of the Holy See, in the context of the reorganization of the government of the Curia, as moto propriocharismatic dimension”.

An official communication from the prelate highlighted that “the figure of the prelate receives an honorary title and a treatment, affirming the ecclesiastical status, central to the charisma of Opus Dei, making him a tribute to the Holy Fathers.” unites in a special way, as part of the so-called “Family Pontifical”.

Opus Dei. letter to the believers of

Archbishop Fernando Ocariz today (22) wrote a letter to the faithful of the prelecher, in which he states that “it is a materialization of the Holy Father’s decision to place the figure of the personal precepts in the episcopal see of the clergy, which we formally acknowledge,

Archbishop Fernando highlighted that Pope Francis “encourages us to turn our attention to the gift that God gave to Saint Josemaria, so that we may live it to the fullest”, telling us about the charisma of Opus Dei. “To promote evangelical action” carried out by its members” and as such, “to spread the call of holiness to the world, through the sanctification of family and social professions”.

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The bishop says he wants “this invitation from the Holy Father to have a strong resonance in each of us. It is an opportunity to deepen the spirit that the Lord inspired in our founding and to convey this spirit to many people.” There is an opportunity to share together. Family, Professional and Social”.

Finally, Archbishop Okariz remarked that “as far as its provisions are concerned”. moto proprio On the bishop’s portrait, I repeat what I’ve pointed out on other occasions: We thank God for the fruit of the church feast that B. Meaning of the Upanishads of lvaro and MGR Xavier. At the same time, the episcopal ordination of the bishop was not necessary to guide the Opus Dei”.

“The Pope’s will now invites us to reinforce the family atmosphere of affection and trust by emphasizing the charismatic dimension of the work: the bishop should be a guide, but above all a father”, concluded the opus bishop. Dei.

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