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Lissan – A Universal epidemic do New coronavirus in Portugal There is a time in a year when the country has recorded a reduction in the number of contagion cases due to a lockdown that was re-started last month to prevent a deterioration in the hospital system.

It was 2 March 2020 when the Portuguese government first confirmed the case – a 60-year-old man who was on leave in northern Italy. Since then, the country has recorded 16,317 deaths and 804,562 infections.

During the European spring (from March to June), Portugal was praised for its reduced indicators, with a few hundred infections a day and fewer than 40 daily deaths. Months later, in the second wave, the country reached 6 thousand coincidences in one day and the peak of deaths was 98. Now, in the third wave, there were about 300 deaths per day in the country and more than 16 thousand untouchables in 24 hours.

However, Portugal on Monday recorded the lowest number of new confirmed cases since September. According to a bulletin from the Directorate General of Health (DGS), 394 new infections were found, totaling 804,965 since the onset of the epidemic.

Since 27 December, Portugal has been given more than 860 thousand doses of vaccines, which will buy about 38 million vaccines against Kovid-19, “more than necessary”, allowing the support of other countries, Minister of Cheers Announced, Marta panicked. .

The state of lockdown and emergency, the highest possible warning level in the country, resumed on February 15 and should be in place by the 16th. Land borders with Spain are restricted and only cargo trucks or workers are allowed to cross that live in one country. And work in another. Despite the sanctions, Spain recorded 10,500 Kovid-19 deaths in February – the highest number since April 2020.

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Portugal has also decided to maintain air traffic restrictions and authorize flights only to countries connected to the European Union (EU) or the Schengen area. All flights to other countries are permitted in case of necessary travel. Flights to Brazil, the United Kingdom and South Africa are prohibited due to the presence of variants of the virus.

According to the Portuguese Prime Minister, Antonio Costa, a relaxation plan of measures will be announced within ten days, which will happen gradually, with the schools reopening earlier. Experts advising the executive believe that imprisonment should be maintained until the number of patients in the ICU is reduced to around 240.

The population waits for the reopening with expectations. The number of engagements has declined with lockdown as well as the number of hospitalizations. Today 2,165 patients are hospitalized with Kovid-19, of which 484 are in intensive care. At the height of the third wave that hit Portugal last month, hospitals treated about 6,900 patients at one time, including about 900 in intensive care. / EFE and AFP

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