Prisoners may be sent to Russia to clean up the pollution of the Arctic Circle. world

Prisoners may be sent to Russia to clean up the pollution of the Arctic Circle.  world

a Russia It may send its detainees to the Arctic region to carry out the cleanup: the project is seriously considered by the country’s peninsular authorities, who have already signed agreements in this regard with the Norilsk region beyond the Arctic Circle Huh.

According to this project, detainees can be mobilized to clear the most polluted areas of the region.

The project highlights some of the worst moments of Stalinist and Gulag repression. According to the statements of the Russian prison service chief Alexander Kalashnikov, the detainees could be sent to the “far north” to participate in this remote task.

The idea had already been raised last December at an Arctic Forum held in St. Petersburg: an official of customary officials talked remarkably about mobile barracks to accommodate detainees who were sent to these remote areas Will go. Without specifying whether prisoners are sent to the Arctic regions, they will be compensated with bonuses, or even a waiver of sentences.

According to the head of prison services in Russia, an agreement has been reached with the Norilsk region located beyond the Arctic Circle in this regard.

The history of the region is already deeply marked by the Russian prison system. During Stalin’s time, hundreds of thousands of prisoners were sent to their basement mine, which is rich in iron ore and nickel. It was they who founded the city of Norilsk, considered to be the most polluted on the planet today.

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