Queen Elizabeth Wants Cleaners for Buckingham Palace; Salary is R$ 14 thousand – World

Queen Elizabeth Wants Cleaners for Buckingham Palace;  Salary is R$ 14 thousand - World

The British Royal Family has announced a vacancy for cleaning staff at Buckingham Palace – the home of Queen Elizabeth 2. Information from the British newspaper The Daily Mail.

This position will work for 40 hours a week from Monday to Sunday. The advertised salary can reach 22,600 pounds per year – equivalent to R $ 169 thousand. Therefore, monthly, the royal family’s new rent can fetch Rs 14 thousand. The application for the vacancy will continue till October 20.

The chosen person will be responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of several rooms at Buckingham Palace. The official residence of the Queen is 77 thousand square meters and 775 rooms.

The description states that the first requirement will be attention to detail, not experience.

Furthermore, the ad claims to be on the lookout for an active profile with good time management skills and who doesn’t mind battling a full hour load.

The ad states, “Above all, you will be eager to learn and develop your skills. This is your opportunity to harness your enthusiasm and passion.”

Ten locations open to the British royal family’s official residences, including Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle


The location for a cleaning crew is one of ten open in the British Rein family. There are also job openings for a Building Manager, a Systems Analyst and Assistant Manager for a restaurant to help with renovations at Buckingham Palace.

Windsor Castle – Queen Elizabeth II’s second most frequently visited royal residence – is in demand for a driver and stockist. There are still other vacancies open in bodies and residences other than royalty.

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