Resident Evil Village resembles RE4, but in first person – impression with demo

Resident Evil Village resembles RE4, but in first person – impression with demo

See more information about the new Capcom game and see how the dubbing is in the Brazilian version

In Resident Evil Village, Ethan Winters arrives at the small village where the game is lost as a player. At least, this is what the performance issues Capcom Hint this weekend. After kidnapping his daughter, the protagonist is thrown into the interiors of Europe and has to deal with yet another supernatural event, and we have a taste of what was coming.

On the night of 17 April, a Capcom be released Very limited performance From Resident Evil Village, but it shows the material that will be distributed in May. PS4 and PS5 available for eight hours, the 30-minute preview allowed you to explore the game’s village, showing part of the story and the main gameplay action mechanics.

After downloading 10 GB to demo Around Saturday night (17th), I dedicate half an hour of my morning to face the horrors of the villages of RE. Play Station 4 thin. Despite being small and full of limitations imposed by CapcomThe preview managed to fulfill its role and I found out that Gram is more than the tall vampire who constantly appears in the trailers.

Regarding the storylines, I left the Resident Evil Village demo without major revelations in the story, so don’t worry about spoilers, especially if you’re consuming the game’s trailers. Early in the preview, Ethan meets a woman, who has already appeared in the trailers, and receives a notice that “they are coming”. Who are they Lichen, monsters that look like werewolves and come to attack the village.

Without more information about the mysterious place, the player must explore the European village of rural culture and worship the cult Mother miranda, Which apparently protects the place from the weather (at least until the arrival of the werewool). Exploration is accompanied by objects and also puzzles that follow patterns already known in the franchise.

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– Release after advertisement

Vibe day resident evil 4

First, the village brought to the performance is very reminiscent of the beginning of Resident Evil 4, only “Zombie” less. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the iconic village in which the 2005 game has a history not only of looks, but also of customs.

(Image: Mateus Mogan / PS4 screenshot)

Walking through the streets of the village’s small town, we can find statues, vows and altars for Méee Miranda. As with Resident Evil 4, public trust Are an important part of the game’s plot.

Anyone who opens the inventory of Resident Evil Village will also have flash of memory from the PS2 era: items are kept in. a briefcase, Guarantees the player a more elaborate organization puzzle when it comes to creating and using storing equipment, items.

(Image: Mateus Mogan / PS4 screenshot)

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The residents of the village are also not hospitable, but they do not attack the player for free as in Resident Evil 4. Fortunately for Ethan, the remnants of the village are also spoiled by Lichen’s attack, which gives little guarantee to the village with Ethan. More “love” in the relationship.

First person

Despite their differences, Resident Evil Village still brings an atmosphere that resembles the iconic Capcom game of 2005 during gameplay in the village, but with First Person Perspective. Although not all fans of the franchise approve of the new camera, which was first adopted in RE7, the results in the gameplay are satisfactory.

More intimate scenes guarantee history scenes and more immortal warfare. The demo in the action part is not so generous, but the short stretch of direct battles with the werewalls is already able to pay off. Good dose of adrenaline.

The look of the demo on the PS4 version is also decent. The game is running at 60 frames per second and will target 4K resolution on the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, but Capcom has done a capable job of adapting the game to eighth-generation consoles.

Players purchasing the game on the PS4 can expect some texture that might be better, as well as the traditional rate of 30 frames per second already, but the experience is fairly stable, at least in the demo. Fortunately, Resident Evil Village also has a free upgrade to the new generation, which guarantees a better version of the title for users who visit the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S.

Dubbing and sound

Another point that deserves to be highlighted in the performance is the presence of dubbing in Brazilian Portuguese. After years of pressure from the community and launch, Capcom is finally Brought a full space For the Resident Evil franchise in Brazil.

Despite being only half an hour long, the village has already performed Brings a good preview of audio work Performed in the game. Players can finally hear Ethan speaking in Brazilian Portuguese, and the result has recently been within the standards of Brazilian voice acting.

The localization team also performed well in the dubbing of the secondary characters appearing in the performance. Now it remains to be seen and heard how the voice work goes on in the rest of the cast, but we will soon have a second part of the performance.

In addition to dubbing, the first 30 minutes of the demo also show Capcom’s care in using sound to ensure immersive atmosphere Of the game. From the cold air to the quick stages of werewalls in the undergrowth, the game uses your ears to create an An atmosphere of panic in the village, Without the need to appeal without jumping.

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Demo continued

The expectation is now due to the second part of the performance, which will be Released on April 24 for PS4 and PS5, In the same limited way as the first preview. This coming Saturday night, Sony console players will be able to visit the palace of Lady Dimitrescu, who has already appeared in a performance.

The demo will be available for one hour on all platforms may 1st. However, the material also Can only be played for 24 hours. Like the people of the village, we asked Mama Miranda to bring to light the Resident Evil Village modules, which may be able to break the time block to release content more widely on PCs.

(Image: Mateus Mogan / PS4 screenshot)

Deadlines help “simulate” the feeling of being in an event like E3 or BGS, which usually brings limited previews to a selected public for testing. However, the biggest advantage of digital distribution is that you can deliver such an experience like a 30-minute timer with no interruptions, but Capcom apparently thinks differently.

The first demo of Resident Evil Village showed me that the project is full of potential and guarantees an interesting horror atmosphere. I would love to spend the day exploring every corner of the preview looking for secrets that will gain more depth by enjoying the entire game. Unfortunately, with the adoption of a time limit to play, Capcom decided to feed players with expectations rather than action, which could be very dangerous due to exaggerated “hype”.

Resident Evil Village will be released on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on May 7.

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