Rodrigo Pesoa does not recognize CBH president and sees ‘Esculacho’ in horse riding – 02/03/20

Rodrigo Pesoa does not recognize CBH president and sees 'Esculacho' in horse riding - 02/03/20

The main idol of Brazilian equestrian, Rodrigo Pesoa, is unhappy with the latest developments in the sport. Last week, two parallel assemblies, one inside the hall and another in the next corridor, selected two different presidents to command the Brazilian Equestrian Confederation (CBH). President Ronaldo Bittoncourt took over his ally, Kiko Mari, who is not recognized by the main state associations and many riders, such as Olympic champions.

“I don’t consider him president. I think he’s completely open until the law decides who follows or who doesn’t or doesn’t follow the rules to be elected. We get to decide. To do is to wait for the judge to see what is right, what is wrong. Rodrigo says, “It is premature to recognize a winner, no one was selected. It would be good to resolve this pomp quickly so that we know who we are going to work with ”, says Rodrigo.

Directly from the United States, where he currently resides, he is seeking help from higher bodies to resolve the issue. Yesterday (1), he called the Belgian Ingmar de Vos, President of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), who told him that he would not recognize any CBH president until the final court decision. Later this week, he will write a letter to the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB), asking for action.

I, Rodrigo Pesoa, a person, as an Olympic champion, will write a letter to the COB. This is a mess. We have an Olympics in 200 days and we have to prepare. Confederation has to register riders, make a selection. Who’s the coach? Who will decide who the coach is? They are fighting for power, but we are fighting for the Olympics. ‘

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Regarding the CBH’s complex political battles, Rodrigo is primarily irritated by the prohibition that the president of the Federation of Rio (Firaj) voted under the allegation that Alejandra Fernandez was born into Portugal and Spain citizenship. “To say that a federation president is not able to vote for 15 days before traveling to that state and try to get her vote. Wait, she has lived in Brazil for 40 years, has two Brazilian children. , Which is in the process of naturalization. ” How do you want to win? This step is not correct. She was from Brazil 15 days ago, when she went to ask for her vote. “

Alejandra was prevented from voting when the CBH Legislative Assembly position at a hotel in Rio began on Friday following a request submitted by Platt – she allegedly supported the opposition – based on an article in the CBH statute that originated overseas Gives people the right to create powers. Of the union. There is, however, an understanding that Ferz is part of the assembly, not the person legally elected to preside over the federation. In addition, CBH has a board Argentina.

Apart from Rio de Janeiro, the opposition associations of Espírito Santo and Alagaas were also prevented from voting. CBH even announced that it would ban São Paulo from voting, as the São Paulo Federation closed the year 2020 without paying R $ 2.7 thousand tickets, but the Justice gave FHE the right to vote Guaranteed. The status group also tried to block the vote of the representative of athletes living in Europe and would virtually participate, which was stopped by the Election Commission.

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“She’s an Esculaco prostitute. It’s a clown and playing with democracy. It’s perfect. That’s why I don’t recognize the presidency. It’s not right with knights, with bosses, with creators. About the game. Passionate. I don’t know why it came to this point. I don’t know why they’re appealing like this. I think there’s something out there that will come out. CBH released Pay attention to the weekend Justifying the facts related to the election.

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