Rui Costa Pimenta is exposed in Folha with criticism of Stalinism

“Patron Saint of Capitalism.” It should be PCO President Sao Jose Stalin the defender of capitalism

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247 – Cosa Opera Party President Rui Costa Pimta, who presents a weekly political analysis on TV 247, won a sweeping victory Report good Folha d s Paulo, of course because it confers on Stalinism. “Patron Saint of Capitalism.” It should be São José Stalin, the savior of capitalism ”, Rui said. “Stalinism and authority are so much more than each other. This occupation of the Stalinists presents itself as the great enemy of the bourgeoisie, and this is one of the reasons for Stalinism.

Rui also reveals his differences regarding Stalin. “We have nothing to do with Stalinism. Stalinism is not Marxist, it is not revolutionary, it is not a workers’ movement. If the citizen speaks: Communism … not communism! The Stalinist regime did so, ”he says. “Stalin had full faith in Nazism. He handed over several members of the leadership of the German Communist Party to Hitler. It was a friendship, they were close friends. Stalin is considered the man who defeated Nazism. Nothing could be further from reality. He almost handed over to the Soviet Union for Nazism, ”he says.

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