Sea slums cut off their heads and made new bodies

Sea slums cut off their heads and made new bodies

A researcher at Nara University Japan, When he comes as the least inquisitive while studying sea slugs in his tank, he gets scared the laboratory. One cut off his head and made a new body from it.

The species under consideration is Alicia marizatana, which, in addition to disintegrating itself, leaves its solitary head on the tank to roam and feed. started As if the body was there and nothing was wrong.


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The ability to keep a part of the body separate is not uncommon in the animal world, an example of this is the Jakos, who loosen their tails to try to get rid of predators. But the difference of Alicia Margitana is that it throws out its entire body, leaving only the head.

“I was really shocked and shocked when I nodded,” said Sayaka Mitoh, PhD candidate at Nara University. He said, “I expected him to die quickly without heart and other vital organs.”

Apart from surviving, the animal regenerated its body and all its vital organs in just three weeks. Which raised a question in the mind of Mitoh and his team: how and why did these slaves kill themselves?


Answer may be parasitic

The sea slug Alicia margina manages to regenerate from the head. Sincerely: Sayaka Mitoh

In a study published in the Scientific Journal last Monday (8) Current biology. Both Alicia Marginetta and her cousin, Alicia Atroviridis, have the same ability and intentional beheading to get rid of them. Parasite Those who infect their bodies.

To arrive at this conclusion, researchers looked at both species from birth to death. While some individuals have not been beheaded once, others have performed the procedure twice.

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In both species, the body subsequently regenerated from the head, but the bodies did not form a new head, although they continued to respond to stimuli for some time before they began to disintegrate.

Via: Wired

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