South African expert says Omicron variant could cross the delta – 11/30/2021

South African expert says Omicron variant could cross the delta - 11/30/2021

a omicron type Doing coronavirus Most likely candidate found in southern Africa may be delta version Highly contagious, said the director of the NICD (National Institute of Communicable Diseases of South Africa) on Tuesday. however, Any kind of foregoing conclusion requires caution.,

Omicron’s discovery has caused global alarm, prompting countries to limit travel from southern Africa out of fear that it will spread quickly even to vaccinated populations. The WHO (World Health Organisation) said that there is a “very high” global risk of spreading the infection.

NICD interim executive director Adrian Pooran told Reuters: “We thought: ‘What will prevail over the Delta?’ That’s always been the question, at least in terms of transmission … maybe it’s the special edition version.” in an interview.

If Omicron proves to be more permeable than Delta, it could trigger a sharp increase in infections that could strain hospitals.

Pooran said scientists should know within four weeks how far Omicron can survive immunity induced by vaccines or previous infections and whether it leads to clinical symptoms compared to other strains.

Contemporary reports from doctors treating South African COVID-19 patients indicate that Omicron is causing mild symptoms such as dry cough, fever and night sweats, but experts recommend drawing firm conclusions.

*Additional reporting by Tim Cox in Johannesburg.

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