Space storm 965 km wide has been seen above the Earth for the first time Science

Space storm 965 km wide has been seen above the Earth for the first time Science
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Based on the data collected, the researchers were able to make a depiction of the incident

One incident
Previously seen in the atmosphere of Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and even the Sun, it was first seen close to Earth: a space storm with a massive storm 965 kilometers wide and which was an unusual “electron. Rain “.

According to information on the Sputnik website, researchers at Shandong University in China used data from a satellite to confirm the presence Drilling
In the North Pole region. By then, scientists were skeptical of the possibility of a space event of this magnitude occurring in the atmosphere of the upper Earth.

Yet according to the publication, the group revealed that it did not form like the wind like a hurricane usually does Earth
, But plasma, which produced an “electron barrage” and lasted for about eight hours. The results were released in a study in the scientific journal Nature Communications

“Aaj Tak, Hurricane Plasma
Space existed, so it is incredible to prove it with such striking observations, ”said Mike Lockwood, space scientist at the University of Britain, Mike Lockwood.

The authors also mentioned Space storm
They have many features that occur in low environments, such as a quiet center, spiral arms, and wide circulation. Furthermore, he stated that the results suggest that this type of phenomena is quite common in space, as they are formed by the interaction between plasma and magnetic fields, two things that exist in abundance throughout the universe.

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