Starfield wins video praising open world and dialogue system

Imagem de: Starfield ganha vídeo exaltando mundo aberto e sistema de diálogo

Though the next open world rpg bethesda, starfield, is slated for this year, with very little title revealed. But it has changed a little, thanks to a new video from the developers of the series “To the Stars”.

The second episode features a conversation between director Todd Howard, director of design Emil Pagliarulo, quest coordinator Will Shane and art coordinator István Pelli, who introduced some of the key elements the player would face in the vast open world.

The main attraction is what appears to be the first gameplay scene, where we meet one of the companions the player will be able to recruit, the robot Vasco.

In addition, Todd Howard also highlights the depth of detail that can be used when creating characters, drawing comparisons with “old, hardcore RPGs”.

Lastly, and perhaps most curiously, is the fact that the game will have a dialogue system inspired by the The Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionAlthough this is a developed version.

“You have to think about ‘what’s my risk here, who do I want to pick? We didn’t want this to be a system where there’s definitely one right thing to talk about,” Pagliarullo explained.

starfield It is set to release on November 11 for PC and Xbox Series X|S. The game should also be available to Xbox Game Pass customers from day one.

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