Strong souls, uncles, mokorongs and vaulted people trickle into Washington – 08/01/2021 – Mario Sergio

Strong souls, uncles, mokorongs and vaulted people trickle into Washington - 08/01/2021 - Mario Sergio

What happened There was a demonic nuisance in Washington on Wednesday. It served to describe how the most powerful nation on the planet is doing evil. And Brazil, With his dogged loyalty to the United States, Follows in his footsteps like a pet.

The MPs who were dummies under the table came out of the episode. Convection police or runway. The press given to teach a magisterial lesson and which lacks clarity. The political system that allowed Trump to do what he wanted.

Just before the capitol capital, Happy to see the emptiness of those absent on duty. All Forsov filled with an exciting session, “in order” and “date vania”. But at the end of the crossroads, Biden will be given the cannon for the voice of “God Bless America”, for the greater glory of victorious democracy.

It worked: an online scam attempt. And hit with uncle Camouflage uniforms, meganhas, a sea getaway of stampede flags, Infantile simulacrum of Bastille’s carrying, a similar distance with the falling jaw: perilex was normal.

Surprise is what defines a political coup. Who says Gabriel NaudePre-enlightened French intellectual who coined the expression “coup” in 1639. He put it in the title of his “Thought Politics sur les Coupes d’état”, or political views about a Machiavellian manual Coups d’état.

There he states that “In a coup d’etat, lightning falls before the thunder in the clouds, the bells are said before the ringing, sentenced to be hanged, this punishment is given to those who think to give it, Those who thought safe were suffering, who had never dreamed of pain ”.

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Naude ended Sheikh by saying that “everything is done in the night, in the fog and in the darkness” in the fight. Nosotros, the Brazilian victim of the military accent Escuela Cucaracha, we know this: the warps are secretly woven and captured by a big ass fetters – and then the Inês are killed.

See 1964. Surprised when General Olympio Mauro Filho – who called himself a “uniformed cow” – came down with his troops from Minas to Rio. There were thick clouds in the sky, but the fear of lightning became more blurred. Only Brezzola tried to resist.

Applying Naudé’s decisive question – surprise – what happened on Wednesday is an abuse. It was in the open that Trump overthrew. He promoted it on Twitter, and his musicians organized it on social networks. He wooed the generals and considered martial law inferior.

Hours before catch, Gathered the hen in front of the White House and ordered to march on Capitol Hill. The aristocratic illustrated creature conversed, eluding Biden’s consecration.

And friends, why, marched. Polite, the police invited the miscreants to enter. 74 million people voted for Trump, a leader with strong minds, awaiting the outcome.

“Strong soul” is another expression of nade. He applies it to princes who are not overcome by oppression and superstition. Those who face reality fearlessly. Those put to taped, hesitating, reliable, run, who get lost in the labyrinth of their illusions.

As Naudé wrote “thought” in the 17th century, its categories should not be applied mechanically. But the expiry date of assuming the coup to be the ambush, imposed by sharp spirits to produce Fitr Siddhi, did not end.

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It is valid for Naudé to say that St. Bartholomew’s night was a setback; And Perry Anderson to maintain that the creation of the European Union was also there. In 1572, in Paris, three thousand Protestants were killed. In 1954, in Rome, none. In Washington, five people.

The coup did not succeed. There were skirmishes in many cities, but treason was not held across the country. Nor did the army and police battalions join. The political system re-developed on Wednesday and Biden was upbeat since morning.

Did Trump lose? depends on. If he is not destitute, and the Mokorongas crowd does not get a good year of sugarcane, he will win. There are other relevant questions. Why did Centrist, Liberal, Progressive, Antifa, Feminist and Civil Right Defenders do nothing at first?

Or: Why did politicians, teachers, employees, students and activists stand? The answer is before us. Bolsonaro says every other day and the other one will be a jerk. For this purpose, the position of the wire to wick the mechanism. This will sink Brazil for another two years. And nobody does anything practical to stop him.

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