Taliban appointed rector of Kabul University, Afghanistan, bans women from college World

Taliban authorize Afghan women to attend university but separate from men.  World

Rector of Kabul University, in AfghanistanMohammad Ashraf Ghaira announced on Monday (27) that women and teachers would be banned from the institution’s courses.

Dean, Ghairat, is 34 years old and part of the Taliban. The group has appointed enthusiastic pastors as leaders of educational institutions.

“I give you my word as Dean of Kabul University, unless there is a truly Islamic environment for all, women will not be allowed to university or work. Islam first,” Ghairat wrote on a social network .

hey Taliban Returned to power in Afghanistan in August. Governance leaders had said that women could study, but not unless it was in the same room as the men.

Afghanistan under Taliban: school dropout writes poetry to other women

Afghanistan under Taliban: school dropout writes poetry to other women

The extremist group was once in power between 1996 and 2001, and in those years women could not study – they could not even walk in public if they were not with a male relative.

According to The New York Times, Kabul University employees complained about the new rule. He says the Taliban do not have a monopoly on the interpretation of the Islamic faith.

There are thousands of students who have stopped attending classes due to the closure of schools. Teachers left Afghanistan when the Taliban returned to power.

The new government is made up entirely of men, and banned women from returning to work – the group said it was a temporary ban for security reasons.

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