Taliban court sentences seven defendants to 35 whips in Afghanistan

Grupo talibã está no poder no Afeganistão desde agosto do ano passado

On this Wednesday (20), seven people were flogged in Afghanistan, according to a court ruling, for various offences. These also include the sale and consumption of alcohol. This is the first decision since the Taliban came to power last August.

Lash is reminiscent of the harsh punishments imposed by the regime during its first use of power between 1996 and 2001.

In a statement, the Supreme Court said that the seven accused confessed to their crime and were sentenced to 35 lashes each.

Abdul Basir Mashal, a senior official in that court, told AFP “the sentence was handed down today” in Kabul.

Five of the whippers were also sentenced to six months in jail.

During their first term in power, the Taliban were characterized by an extremely strict interpretation of Islamic law, with even minor crimes punished with whipping and public executions.

The rules were particularly strict for women, then humiliated and beaten by fearful religious police.

When they returned to government last year, the Taliban promised to be more liberal, although they assured they would continue to be guided by Sharia.

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