Taliban kills relative of German broadcaster in Afghanistan World

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Taliban Relative of journalist working for Deutsche Welle (DW) shot dead Afghanistan and was wanted by militants, reported a German public television channel on Friday (20).

Another member of the journalist’s family, who was not identified and currently works Germany, was seriously injured. Many relatives managed to escape as the Taliban went from house to house. DW did not disclose the nationality of the victims.

Some Afghan journalists say they were beaten up and their homes raided since the Taliban took the capital Kabuli, not sunday (15), and returned to power after 20 years. DW says Taliban went from station to home of at least three journalists (see below).

in spite of Initial attempts by the Taliban to convey a less radical imagehandjob Militants of the extremist group have intensified house-to-house searches, according to a confidential United Nations document (UN).

According to UN intelligence reports, the targets are people the Taliban believe have worked for US and NATO security forces and international entities.

The document reports threats to kill or arrest family members if targets are not met, as happened with the journalist’s relative., which directly contradicts the extremist group’s public guarantees.

The Taliban said in its first press conference on Tuesday (17) that it would allow the press to function and that Unlike what happened when the group was in power, women could workBetween 1996 and 2001.

The Taliban announced on Thursday (19) that The country’s name was changed to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, adopted in 1996, and Wahidullah Hashimi, one of the group’s chief commanders, stated that There will be “no democracy” in the country. “Law is Sharia and that is it”.

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“The Taliban killed a relative of one of our editors yesterday” [quinta-feira] This is incredibly sad and shows the grave danger to all of our employees and their families in Afghanistan,” DW Director General Peter Limberg said in a statement.

German channel reported that The Taliban ran into the homes of at least three of the broadcaster’s journalists.

“It is clear that the Taliban are conducting organized operations to seek journalists in both Dirty As in the provinces,” Limburg said. “Time is running out.”

DW and other German media have called on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government to act quickly to help its Afghan officials. Several countries have accelerated the return of civilians from Afghanistan.

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