What is the Jerusalem challenge?

What is the Jerusalem challenge?
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Master K.G. (Center) and singer Nomsebo Zicod (left) sing and dance to Jerusalem on September 24 in Johannesburg. (Photo: AP)

During an internet rage Covid-19 Lockdown has been #JoursLeamChallenge, featuring videos of South African DJs and record producer Master KG singing and dancing at Jerusalem.

September 24 is celebrated as Heritage Day in South Africa, and before that, President Cyril Ramaphosa called on his people to “take up this challenge and show the world what we are capable of.”

So, how did #JaruslamChallenge become so popular and why is it associated with South Africa’s Heritage Day?

Song of Jerusalem

Kyagoello Mogi, popularly known as DJ Master KG, featuring vocal singer Nosembo Zicode, was released in October 2019 and became an instant hit. This was followed by the release of a video in December 2019.

The dance challenge began in February 2020, as the Kovid-19 locked up most African countries, such as the rest of the world. It was a group of six friends in Angola – four men and two women who made a video of themselves dancing on foot-tapping numbers, taking bites of food from plates in one hand. Such videos soon became known as #JarusleMachlens or #JarusleMadeSalens after they surfaced in parts of Europe, North America and South America.

According to the South African newspaper Sowetan, the song made an international impact in May with the release of a remix version of Nigerian megastar Berna Boy.

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In Isizulu, one of South Africa’s 11 national languages, singing is a prayer to God to take singing to the holy city of Jerusalem. South Africa’s Tourism India said in a statement that Zikod’s Bhadas Kandan has more than 150 million views on YouTube and is the world’s most ‘Shazamd’ song. The music has aired more than 66 million times on the Spotify app. The Soviets said earlier this month that with Jerusalem, Master K.G. Shreem, the American music-identity app that topped the global charts, became the first African artist.

Influenced by the gospel, the song features health workers, construction workers, nuns and priests in Italy, taking part in the challenge of dancing in uniforms and flash mobs in different parts of the world, wearing masks and caring. Social distance.

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What did President Ramaphosa say in his address to the nation before Heritage Day?

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa encouraged all South Africans to perform the dance challenge on Heritage Day. “There can be no better celebration of our South Africa-Ness than to be involved in the global phenomenon that is spreading around the world and this is the Jerusalem Dance Challenge. “I really like the song Jerusalem,” she said in a video message released recently.

“So I urge you all to take up this challenge on Heritage Day and show the world who we are. Our artists showed the world that we got great music, great dance and great moves. So quietly, let’s celebrate our heritage, ”the President said.

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Ramaphosa called on South Africans to “remember those who lost their lives” at Kovid-19.

South Africa’s Tourism India on Thursday asked Indians to adapt to the challenge.

“Indians are encouraged to do their own version of the challenge and tag metouthafrica.india Instagram handles, as they stand in solidarity with the rainbow nation on this Heritage Day, ”it said in a statement.

What is the significance of Heritage Day in South Africa?

Heritage Day is a celebration of South Africa’s multifaceted cultures, South Africa’s Tourism India said in a statement. The significance of Heritage Day depends on recognizing aspects of South African culture that, according to the South African government, include creative expressions, historical heritage, language, food and land:

In an address on the occasion of Heritage Day in 1996, the former president said that the country’s website lists its national holidays. Nelson Mandela “When our first democratically elected government decided to make Heritage Day its national day, we did so because we knew that our rich and diverse cultural heritage was instrumental in shaping our new nation.” Has a deep power to help.

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We did so knowing that past struggles against injustice and inequality are part of our national identity; They are part of our culture. We knew that if our nation was to truly rise from the ashes of division and conflict, we would have to acknowledge those whose selfless efforts and talents were dedicated to this goal of non-racial democracy. ”

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The government sets a theme for each year’s celebrations.

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