Taliban urges government to recognize its administration


Group-organized meetings with religious leaders; Participants call for release of sanctions and release of funds

group Taliban This Saturday (2.Jul.2022) asked to give formal recognition to the foreign governments of his administration. The request came after the group held a meeting with thousands of male religious leaders. information provided by Reuters,

In a statement, the participants of the meeting called on regional and international countries, especially Islamic countries, to recognize the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. “Release all sanctions, (central bank) unfreeze funds and support Afghanistan’s development”The document says.

What are the victims of more than half of the nearly 39 million inhabitants of the Asian country? food insecurity, Another 9 million people are at high risk of starvation. Afghans are currently experiencing an increase prices, unemployment and the imminent collapse of the banking system.

Since when have international economic sanctions been imposed? Taliban capture Kabulin August 2021.

The US and other countries have not recognized the group as a legitimate government. In addition to setting sanctions, they Blocked access to over $9 billion In the reserves of the Afghan government abroad.

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