Te dem: “The power of God is more powerful than our selfishness”

Te dem: “The power of God is more powerful than our selfishness”

With the gesture of a good Samaritan perhaps “we can find a ‘meaning’ to this drama which is epistemic: one that awakens mercy, closeness and solidarity in us”. The house of Pope Francis for the Vespers ceremony was read by Cardinal Dean Giovanni Batista Ray

Jane Nogara – Vatican News

This year the traditional ceremony of the first Vespers of the Solemity of Mary Mother of God You gods At St. Peter’s Basilica, it was presided over by Cardinal Dean Giovanni Battista Ray. On this occasion, the cardinal read Pope Francis’s Homily, who could not attend due to a painful sciatica.

Homily written by Pope begins with thanksgiving:

“This afternoon, I would like to give a brief place of thanks for the year that is ending”. And Francisco wonders: “It can seem almost shocking, forced to thank God at the end of a year. Marked by the epidemic”, however, – he continues -, one might ask: “Such What is the meaning of drama? ” We should not be in a hurry to answer this question “The Holy Father continues because:” The answer of God follows the path of the Incarnation, as the Antiphon of Magnetic will soon sing: ‘The great love with which he loved us, God sent his son for that. Flesh of sin ”.

Good Samaritan

The Pope then suggests Samaritan’s gesture in which we can find “rationality” for this play:

“Good Samaritan, when he met that poor half-dead man on the side of the road, he did not give a speech to tell him what had happened to him.” And he adds: “The Samaritan, shaken with mercy, bent over the stranger, treating him like a brother and taking care of him, doing everything in his power”, said:

“Here, yes, perhaps we can find a ‘meaning’ to this drama, which is epidemic, as well as to other sorrows affecting humanity: to cultivate compassion in us and closeness, care, solidarity To provoke attitudes and gestures “

Then, the Pope read in his homily by Cardinal Ri Thank God for the good things that happened in the city of Rome in the last months of the Pope:

“Many people tried, without pomp, to make the weight of the trial more bearable with their daily efforts by animated the love of others. ‘Because God’s blessings and praises are what God loves most'”

Apart from health professionals, priests and religious people, a special thanks goes as follows:

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“For all those who strive to fulfill their family and service in the best way every day”, namely, school administrators, teachers, and public administrators who place the common good above private or partisan interests. . These, despite the very complex situation “really demanded the well-being of all from the most deprived”.

God’s grace and kindness

“All this – Francis continued in his homily read by Cardinal Rea – cannot be without grace without the mercy of God”.

“Then how can so many people, with no other reward but to do good, get the strength to take care of others? What do they have to do about themselves, their comfort, their time, their goods, to give to others? “

And the idea ends:

“Deep down, deep down, even if they themselves do not think of it, it is the power of God that imposes them, which is more powerful than our selfishness”

So we praise him, because we believe and know that all the good things that are done daily on earth come from him, after all. And in search of the future that awaits us, we beg again: “May your mercy be with us always, hope in you”.

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