‘Terrible’, says woman after paying BRL 1,700 for eyebrow procedure

'Terrible', says woman after paying BRL 1,700 for eyebrow procedure

35-year-old Crystal Weinstock, who lives in Texas (USA), undergoes a prosthetic eyebrow filling procedure. For this the woman spent US$340 (R$1.7 thousand). But he got the desired result. The information is from Universe.

“As a busy mom, I realized that I spent a lot of time trying to fill in my eyebrows and get the perfect shape. I thought the procedure would be a great idea.”

She said the first session of the process was done in November 2021. However, the crystal had bleeding problems and the ink did not set.

So the next month, he held a second session. “The bleeding continued, but this time we continued the process hoping that the pigmentation would remain in the skin. I left the session, happy with the shape of my brows, but the pigment didn’t stay in it again.”

Then, the professional suggested the technique of “nanoblending” (eyebrow growth).

“I said I just wanted to fill in my eyebrows, I didn’t want to grow them out. They made sure they didn’t get thick. I was excited and couldn’t wait to see the results.”

In April this year, Krystal did another session. However, she realized that something had gone wrong when the professional took some time to complete the process and asked her not to get angry, as it was reversible.

“When I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was scary.”

Now, Krystal has to go to a specialist clinic in California to have the ink removed from her brows. Since this place is four thousand kilometers away from his home, he created virtual crowdfunding to raise money. The New York Post reported that it has already raised US$ 2,100 (just over Rs 10,000).

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