“That’s what I do”: Barack Obama illegally burned a 3-pointer in a viral video. See

"That's what I do": Barack Obama illegally burned a 3-pointer in a viral video.  See

Former President of the United States Barack Obama Former Vice President Joe Biden is being supported by the current Democratic presidential candidate. During a campaign event at a high school gym in Flint, Michigan on Saturday, Obama showed once again what a blur he is by holding a three-pointer without interruption. The former US president passed the basketball while leaving the gym. Obama usually hits the mask on his face, and before announcing it, the shot sinks, “” I’m doing this. “

Barack Obama shared the video on his official Twitter page, which then quickly went viral when Twitter shocked him with his basketball skills.

One of the many responses to Obama’s tweet stood out. It belonged to LA Lakers superstar LeBron James, who was recently voted the most valuable player of the 2020 NBA Finals.

“Now you’re just showing my friend out! That’s what you do? Well I see. All the cash!” James tweeted.

Biden and Obama made their first joint participation in Flint at the start of the campaign, the last attempt to win votes for the former vice president before Tuesday’s election.

Many polls suggest Biden is the most vocal opponent at the moment President Donald Trump. Biden is eight points ahead of Biden nationally, according to the latest Fox News poll released on Friday, as well as surveys by the New York Times and Siyana College.

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In some of the major war-torn states, including Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, all of which voted for Trump in the 2016 election, Biden has made a comfortable lead in recent elections.

Following the latest campaign in Flint, Michigan, Obama will appear at events in Georgia and Florida on Monday.

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